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Feb 2, 2019

At NextHealth in LA, Ben Greenfield recently gave a talk on 12 different ways to optimize your body and brain, and in this recording, which includes his comprehensive overview of the "Wellness Wheel".

In it, you'll learn about...

-Diet and Micronutrients...6:30

  • Every person should be on the diet that is unique to them
  • Genetic variants
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia
  • Gallbladder, liver issues prevent proper digestion
  • Common similarities in blue zones
    • Plant intake
    • Glycemic variability
    • Parasympathetically driven state
  • Choose meals that are digestible and nutrient-dense
  • Weston A. Price diet
  • Question: How far back in your lineage do you go to determine what diet is appropriate for you?
  • Question: How do you test for a leaky gut, and how do you go about fixing it?

-Exercise and movement...18:25

  • Physiological triggers that make up the ideal exercise protocol
    • Max oxygen utilization: vo2 max
    • Mitochondria
    • Lactic acid tolerance
    • Stamina
    • Strength
  • Question: What's the best way to recover from your workout while in a fasted state?
  • Question: What about the super slow approach to working out?


  • Common rules
    • Keep room cold
    • Wear as few clothes as possible
    • Wear socks
    • Silence or white noise
    • Keep room dark
    • Bluelight blocking glasses
    • Use red light
  • Uncommon rules
    • Exposure to natural blue light early in the day
  • Question: How do you increase your REM sleep if it's on the low side?
  • Question: What are the benefits of waking up when the sun rises for your circadian rhythm?

-Cardiovascular Health...39:05

  • Health of your vagus nerve is paramount
    • Heart rate variability
  • How increase vagus nerve health?
  • Relaxator
  • Question: Is there correlation between singing and fat loss?
  • Question: How do you address a consistently low LF?

-Brain Health...46:58

  • Things like nootropics, psilocybin, etc. can decrease your sensitivity to dopamine and serotonin
    • Constant stimulation is like robbing Peter to pay Paul
    • A dependence on "smart drugs" is harmful in the long run
  • Question: What "brain hacks" exist to help in a hyper-stressful environment like living in a big city?
    • Proper breath work
    • Brain FM
    • David Delight Mind Alive

-Hormone Health...53:30

  • FOMO (fear of missing out) can cause you to overtrain and hormonally deplete yourself
  • Equip yourself with the ability to make your body better with the absence of food or exercise
    • Spirituality
    • Gratitude
    • Meditation
    • Breath work
    • Time with family
  • A "cheat day" becomes a "cheat month"
  • Christian Gratitude Journal
  • Question: What did you do to repair your thyroid?

-Stress and Inflammation...1:02:35

  • Breath work (already mentioned)
  • Vegetable oils are deleterious; ingest with caution
  • Oils with high heat lose their efficacy
  • Question: What do you think of deuterium content in foods and waters?

-Immunity and Cancer...1:08:51

  • Be aware of lymphatic flow and lymph fluid
    • Rebounding
    • Kundalini breathwork
    • Vibration
    • Standing at work
  • Dr. John Douillard
    • Concoction Tea
  • Light bulb moment for me:
    • Former basketball player who now has cancer
    • Cancer tied to emotions
      • Anger, Fear, Shame
    • Peace, Love, Joy
      • Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from my life
      • Gratitude
      • Laughter
  • Question: What do you think of exposure to dirt as it pertains to immunity?


  • Three things you should do every day:
    • Breathing
    • Pooping (and enemas)
    • Sweating

-Aesthetics, symmetry, beauty...1:18:35

  • Affects your longevity and health
  • Weston A. Price discovered Activation X


  • 5 characteristics that overlap "blue zones"
    1. No smoking
    2. Low level physical activity throughout the day
    3. Community, social relationships, time with family
    4. High wild plant intake
    5. High legume intake

-And much more...

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-Ben's previous podcast episode with Dr. Darshan Shah

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