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Jun 7, 2013

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April 3, 2013 Podcast: Does the pill make you gain weight, are earthing mats safe, how to stop leg cramps and spasms, how to breathe the right way during exercise, are minimalist shoes ok for flat feet, how much protein should you eat during exercise, and natural remedies for strokes.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

Anonymous asks @ 00:27:31 Oral Contraceptives and weight gain? She has recently switched over to a new pill that is higher in estrogen (she was diagnosed with low estrogen) and is wondering if the weight gain is psychological or if there is something to it? ~ In my response, I recommend the books The Hormone Cure and The Pill.

Avi says @ 00:39:12 He recently listened to the podcast episode you did with the creator of the Earth Pulse. He is wondering what the difference is between that and the earthing mat that Dave Asprey uses. There is a large cost difference but it sounds like they can be used in similar ways. ~ In my response, I reference the Earthpulse and Greenwave filters. Colin asks @ 00:49:04 Looking for supplements that will help with muscle spasms. He's been having trouble running downhill. His leg gets a sharp twinge in his vastus laterus/medialus and rectus femerus. If he limps for half a kilometre or so he is able to start shuffling again but he has to be very careful or the spasm will come back. ~ In my response to Colin, I mention: Transdermal magnesiumTrace mineralsRumble Roller.

Fred asks @ 00:56:52 He has been doing the Beach Body Insanity workouts and is wondering when they say to "engage your core" and "use those abs" what does that really mean? The people in the video seem to be sucking their guts way in but he is concerned that will impeded proper deep breathing. Do you have any guidance on how to "engage your abs" correctly. ~ In my response, I refer to the article How To Breathe The Right Way.

Gabriel says @ 01:04:16 First he reminds us to wash our hands well after applying topical magnesium - especially before you touch your sore nipples. Second, he has flat feet and the running stores always recommend very heavy shoes with a lot of support but those shoes hurt his knees. He finds he runs best in very light shoes. What would you recommend for flat feet? ~ In my response to Gabriel, I mention and How Start Running Barefoot.

Matt asks @ 01:13:54 He has a lot of questions about protein: What are your thoughts on the use of soy protein in Hammer Nutrition's Perpetum (used instead of whey to avoid the overproduction of ammonia), during long endurance events what do you recommend that is both a good carb source mixed with a good protein source (UCAN Superstarch mixed with secondary protein?), also how much protein per hour do you recommend for a longer race (like an Ironman)? ~ In my response to Matt, I recommend the Master Amino Pattern.

Stu wrote @ 01:22:29 I have a good mate who is recovering from a mild stroke, and I was wondering if you have covered this topic in a previous blog or podcast. What advice would you give in relation to nutrition and is there anything in particular that can improve his health? ~ In my response to Stu, I mention TianChi. I also recommend: D-RiboseCoenzyme Q-10Vitamin B6Vitamin B12Fish OilGinkgo BilobaTaurineVinpocetine.

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