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Aug 9, 2018

I'm a supplement geek.

I have been for a long time - ever since I was a fledgling bodybuilder guzzling creatine and a bright-eyed college student immersed in pharmacology and advanced human nutrition classes. But today's podcast guest - Dr. Hector Lopez - is a true wealth of knowledge. My own education in the realm of...

Aug 6, 2018

The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration and adventure for Kimi Werner. And she is a big inspiration for me when it comes to my own love for water, freediving and spearfishing!

As a young child growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, she floated behind her father as he freedove...

Aug 4, 2018

Does tapping really work?

Tapping (also known as EFT or "emotional freedom technique") is a practice in which you tap specific parts of your body and simultaneously say an affirmation. It is supposedly a wildly effective healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

My guest on...

Aug 2, 2018

Aug 2, 2018, Q&A Episode 388: Why Your Muscles Shake When You Exercise, How To Heal Your Joints With Celadrin, and What Is The Best Temperature For Hydrotherapy?

Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to SpeakPipe), use the Contact button on the app, or...