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Feb 2, 2017

February 1, 2017 Podcast: 364: Becoming A Super-Ager, The Internet Of Food, How To Get Lots Of Stuff Done Every Day & Much More! NEW! Click here for the official BenGreenfieldFitness calendar of events. Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to SpeakPipe), use the Contact button on the app, call 1-877-209-9439, or use the “Ask Ben” form at the bottom of this page.


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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Rachel Browne, the Podcast Sidekick.

The Best Intervals To Build VO2Max

Mark says: He loves the show. He's an age group competitive triathlete and 3.5 months ago he got in a bike crash where he broke his collar bone, 6 ribs and significantly collapsed his lung on one side. Now in the last month or two as he is getting back into training and competing a little bit, and he's noticed a pretty dramatic change in his Vo2 max and speed, particularly on the run, probably 15%-20% and probably 5-10% in swimming and cycling. He'd love to know the best and quickest way to get his competitive edge back and get his Vo2 max and ventilatory capacity back up to what it was before.

In my response, I recommend: -How To Look Good Naked article

How To Get Lots Of Stuff Done Every Day

Burt says: He just got to the weekly roundup and its awesome, but he's barely scrolled down and he has a 10 million dollar question. How do you get so much work one? There's so many projects - he sees interviews you've done, your own podcast, articles, working on a chapter in your new book, and traveling, how do you do it? He'd love to know, what are your secrets? He's read and followed your stuff before, and he's hired you as well, but he wants to be able to make it his life. Thank you very much and he loves all your stuff!

Ben's Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips

Tyson says: He's 21 years old and from Sydney, Australia. He's a Personal Trainer and loves health and fitness. His question is how can live to 120 years old? You probably don't hear this from a lot of 21 years olds but he knows he wants to live past 100 and he wants to do everything possible in order to do that. So is there anything you recommend doing earlier in life that you wish you may have done to help you improve your longevity? He loves the podcast, the knowledge you share, and he shares it with all his clients. Thanks!