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May 29, 2013

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May 29, 2013 Podcast: Should you exercise during cold thermogenesis, how to use D-Ribose, what is a withings scale, how to turn off pain, should you run if you have epilepsy, what is a bad heart rate variability score, and an absolutely heart-melting finish...


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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

Casey @ 00:27:35
He had an idea to combine cold thermogenesis with the Litvinov Training Protocol. He wants to substitute a 400m swim in icy water for the run. Are there any health issues involved? Will his heart explode in the middle of the swim?

Ribose @ 00:35:41
He is taking D-Ribose from Now Products and is wondering about dosage (the website says to take 1.5 level teaspoon prior to exercise and more if you are a serious athlete). How does he know how much to take and if he takes too much, what might happen?

~ In my response, I mention and the code GREENFIELD $10 off every case.

Eric @ 00:41:37
Has been watching the Superhuman Conference on DVD and is wondering what the scale is that Ray Cronise mentions during his talk. It measures RMR and might be called the Y-Rain scale? What is it and how does it work?

~ In my response, I mention the Withings scale and the Superhuman DVD's for $27.

Michael @ 00:45:47
He is a combat rescue helicopter pilot and has a herniated disc. He is being treated with ART, Dry Needling and decompression/manipulation. He is doing a 100miler in September and IM Florida in November and is wondering what he can do on his own to get through it. Pain's not bad - he is still able to run, bike and lift. It hurts most when he sits for long periods of time.

~ In my response, I recommend Michael listen to episode 224 for compression belt information and also to episode 235 for nerve pain tips where in my recommendation for pain management to JD, I recommend: A whole food antioxidant that includes vitamin B, D, E and wild plant derivatives, such as LifeShotz. High omega 3 fatty acids and GLA intake, including borage oil, Natural painkillers from something like phenocane, High magnesium intake, A zinc supplement, and Glutathione. I also recommend episode 138 on how to stop chronic pain. I mention Lifeworks Wellness Center and also regenadisc and stem cell therapy: and And lastly, neurolinguistic programming with Andy Murphy.

Steph @ 00:58:44
She is wondering if there are any concerns around nutrition or exertion while training for a marathon with epilepsy.


John @ 01:03:08
Would like you to explain Garmin's "Training Effect", if you can. He gets very strange and confusing readings. Also, he would like to know if a score of 60 is really bad from the SweetBeat HRV app? Does it really depend on the individual or should he be working on getting it higher?

~ In my response, I recommend listening to this heart rate variability interview.

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