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Jun 19, 2013

June 19, 2013 Podcast: How To Use Hot Baths For Performance, Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes, How To Enhance Vision, How Your Feet Affect Your Butt, High Heart Rates on a Ketogenic Diet, Strength Training For Trail Runners, and How Your Ears Affect Your Muscles.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

How To Use Hot Baths For Performance -- Michael wrote in to ask @ 00:26:56 In your recent podcast, you mentioned that taking a 20-minute hot bath two days before a hard effort or race could be beneficial. Is there anything to the frequency of this practice? Currently, I'm training for for an iron-distance triathlon, so every Saturday is a long ride followed by a transition run (and Sunday is a long run). If I did a soak EVERY Thursday, would that be too much... or to a degree that the practice would lose its effectiveness as you reported?

Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes -- Jenny says @ 00:34:09 She has had a problem with her eyes being really dry. She has used drops and increased her omega3s. That didn't help and it has started to effect her vision as well. Her doctor told her that she needs to use a prescription eye drop for the rest of her life - and she really doesn't want to do that! Do you have any tips on getting her eyes not to be so dry. ~ In my response, I recommend SuperEssentials fish oil for dry eyes. I also recommend this portable humidifier.

How To Enhance Vision -- Benjamin wrote in to ask @ 00:42:15 I just found out from my optometrist that I may need vision correction, and of course, they're recommending I go with contact lenses or prescription glasses. But I'm interested in whether there are natural ways to fix your vision or enhance your eyesight without necessarily using glasses or contact lenses. ~ In my response to both Jenny and Benjamin, I discuss The Vision Gym.

How Your Feet Affect Your Butt -- Jim says @ 00:49:28 He has been rolling his feet out with a golf ball lately (after some hard training and racing) and experienced some extreme glute spasms later in the day while doing some yard work. Could the two be related? ~ In my response I talk about Glute Imbalances article Bret Contreraras.

High Heart Rates on a Ketogenic Diet -- Ketoman says @ 00:59:15 He follows a ketogenic diet and checks his heart rate regularly. His HR in the morning is mid-to-low 50s. But lately he has noticed that when he does intervals (running or on the bike) that his HR goes bonkers (into the 180s) and his tires out quickly later in the day. Could it be a lack of carbohydrate for a workout that takes him out of zone 2 later in the day? ~ In my response, I reference this good article about how cutting carbs doesn't decrease strength/power and also the podcast on ketogenesis with Jimmy Moore.

Strength Training For Trail Runners -- Terry says @ 01:09:07 Is looking for some workout advice for his 17-year-old trail running son who wants to go to the gym. ~ In my response, I recommend this Trail Running Terror plan from TrainingPeaks.

How Your Ears Affect Your Muscles -- Troy says @ 01:16:32 For years massage therapists have told him that his left side it very tight (like massaging a brick) and they don't know why (he is active and spends time stretching). He is nearly deaf in his left ear and is wondering if that could be causing some of the tightness. He would like to hear your thoughts on that. ~ In my response to Troy, I reference my interview with Eric Cobb from Z-Health and my article on balance for athletes.

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