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Nov 13, 2013

Nov 13, 2013 Podcast: How to build extreme speed, why sugar causes heart disease, 5 ways to stay awake without coffee, is high potassium bad, stomach problems during long runs, what are the best blood sugar controllers, how to gain body fat in a healthy way, what is the best kind of electrotherapy, and is DNA testing worth it?

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

How To Build Extreme Speed

Alex says:He is currently in the military and hoping to become a police officer. Both professions require being able to go from 0 to 100 in a split second without a warmup. Is there anything he can do to prepare his body, improve his performance doing this and reduce the potential for injury?

-In my response I recommend: This article on increasing power and speed, HRV testing for deciding which days to do speed workouts, and CNS Tap Test phone app.

Why Sugar Causes Heart Disease

Archie says:He has heard Ben talk about avoiding sugar if you are eating a high fat diet. Do you need to avoid eating sugar all the time or just at the same time as eating fat (eg. apples + bananas in a high fat smoothie) or is there a timing aspect to it? Can you clarify how this effects heart health?

-In my response I mention a blood glucose monitor.

5 Ways To Stay Awake Without Coffee

Becca says:She needs help staying awake. She is a 22-year-old personal trainer with an active lifestyle who struggles to stay awake while sitting still and paying attention (ie. in class, in church, driving). The rest of the day, when she is up and moving, she is fine. She sleeps well, falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow and sleeps through the night. She doesn't like coffee and avoids energy drinks.

-In my response I mention inverted positions, TianChi, delta-E or edible green tea, curcumin and cold showers.

Is High Potassium Bad?

David says:In January he started eating Paleo/Primal and increased his fat intake. He has been testing his electrolytes since then, and has noticed his potassium levels are increasing steadily. In Jan it was 4.7, in May it was 5.6, and in Sep it was 5.8. His CO2 levels are steady at 21. He only exercises once a week (body weight work). His blood panel showed that his kidney and liver function is all ok. Should he be worried about his potassium levels? Why are they on the rise?

-In my response I mention my article on reducing stress and also Himalayan salt from Onnit.

Stomach Problems During Long Runs

Derrick says: He has done some serious ultra running and using your advice from the podcast his recovery and performance has been increasing exponentially... but has noticed that during long runs (over 8 hours) his ability to ingest sugar decreases dramatically to the point that he is unable to run (ends up in a drunken waddle). He has been trying out Feed Zone Portables and chewing MAPevery 20 minutes, which has helped, but his stomach still sours. How can he increase his ability to ingest sugars and is there anything he can take to help settle his stomach during the race?

-In my response I mention: Digestive enzymes and The Endurance Pack

What Are The Best Blood Sugar Controllers?

Eric says: We all know you prefer Bitter melon for blood sugar control but how do you feel about Glycosolve(Berberine HCL and Banaba Leaf Extract) that Jimmy Moore is always talking about?

-In my response I mention MPX100.

How To Gain Body Fat In A Healthy Way

Greg says:He is looking for a way to increase his body fat (not necessarily his weight) in a healthy way. He is over 6 feet tall but only 53kg and 5% body fat. Is there a specific amount of calories he should eat and, perhaps more importantly, what should the percentage of fat, carbs and protein be? There are a lot of opinions out there around what percentage is appropriate especially for someone trying to gain fat.

-In my response I mention The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet.

What Is The Best Kind of Electrotherapy?

Paul says:How does the ARPwave compare to the Compex Electrostim Unit? He has been using the ARPwave to cure a very tight calf muscle at a local sport clinic and it worked very quickly. Can he switch to a Compex?

-In my response I mention the Compex Sport Elite.

Is DNA Testing Worth It?

Roberto (alldamnday28) says:He is wondering about the DNA testing he has been seeing commercials for on the TV (which he knows he shouldn't be watching). Is this effective? Is it worth looking into? How could this help him in the long run?

-In my response I mention genetic testing.


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