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Mar 26, 2014

Mar 26, 2014 Podcast: 5 Ways To Get Fit In Your Car, How To Drink Less Alcohol, Natural Malaria Remedies, Headaches From Swimming, 4 Ways To Avoid Heart Arrhythmias, and Supplements for Hepatitis B.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast "Sidekick".

5 Ways To Get Fit In Your Car

Robert asks: He is a police officer who needs help maintaining wellness at work. Contrary to popular belief, they are not as active as you might think. He will spend up to 7 hours in the car, crowded with gear. He is worried about EMF exposure, posture problems (has to reach to the right to use the computer in the car), sitting, poor sleep (crazy hours), erratic diet. He can't just get out of the car and do burpees (not safe). He eats plant based, vegan diet. He runs and plays team sports when he can.

In my response I recommend: -Hack your blood sugar study. Stand at work. -Steering wheel isometrics - pushdowns, bicep squeezes, chest flies -Body weight resistance - elbow squeeze, commuter crunch, torso twist -Deep core - kegel exercises, glute squeeze, pelvic tilts -Neck isometrics - front, back, side-to-side -Powerlung (use code BGF025 for 25% discount) and box breathing

How To Drink Less Alcohol

Jean asks: Are people affected differently, physiologically, by alcohol? She and her husband will have the same amount to drink and she will get negative and augmentative while he will just fall asleep. She also has more trouble having just one glass than he does. Are there some people who should just not drink alcohol due to genetics? Do you have any tips on how to have "just one" drink?

In my response I recommend: -23andme genetic testing -Mucuna Dopa supplement

Natural Malaria Remedies

Summer asks: She gets GI issues while she runs anything over 2-3 miles. She has been taking mefloquine, a Malaria medication for travel to Uganda, weekly. Right after she takes it she feels great but by the end of the week her GI issues while running return. She has looked into the FODMAP diet but is looking for more suggestions on how to run longer distances without GI distress... other than taking mefloquine.

In my response I recommend: -Colostrum -L-Glutamine -Gut Healing Pack -Enteric coated garlic -Artemisinin -Arginine

Headaches From Swimming

Trigraine asks: Competitive Masters runner who had transitioned into triathlon (70.3 and Olympic). She usually runs right after she swims and without fail gets migraine headaches after the run finishes (also gets swollen hands when she runs). She always drinks electrolytes while she swims and usually while she runs. She has tried plenty of drinks and electrolyte capsules but is at a loss of what to try next.

In my response I recommend: -Vitamin C and greens and antioxidants for chlorine sensitivities/detox (use code BEN for 10% off EnergyBits) -Previous podcast on chlorine with Dr. David Getoff

4 Ways To Avoid Heart Arrhythmias

Una asks: She was diagnosed with Wenkebach heart block, supraventricular tachycardia, and an atrial flutter back in 2003. She had an ablation to correct it all in 2006 but she still get "skippy". She has her cardiologist blessing to continue to run and has a big year of races ahead of her. She still goes into arrhythmia easily (like when she drinks ice water) but would like to try things like TianChi to give her training a boost but is leery of stimulants. She has heard you mention that some stimulants act on different pathways in the body and don't trigger the same response. Do you have any recommendations of supplements she could try that are less likely to trigger her arrhythmia?

In my response I recommend: -Avoid caffeine -Decrease stress -Inner Peace -Electrolyte intake via trace liquid minerals or Aztecan salt

Supplements for Hepatitis B

Chris asks: His girlfriend is a Hepatitis B carrier. She is not sick, which is great, but the doctor says there is no way to cure it and that she has probably had it for 25 years (since she wasn't vaccinated). The doctor suggested some foods to avoid, like chili powder but says that she will always have it although it is not life threatening. He doesn't want to accept that it is not curable and is looking for supplements, diet or lifestyle changes she could make to rid herself of Hep B.

In my response I recommend: -Butylated Hydroxytoulene (BHT), combined with Lysine and Vitamin C


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