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Jul 15, 2015

July 15, 2015 Podcast: American Ninja Warrior Training Tips, Biohacking Mental Focus, 10K Training And Nutrition Tips, and Does Algae Work For Fat Loss?

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

American Ninja Warrior Training Tips

Trevor says: He has been using your biohacking tips and tricks in his Ninja Warrior training. On of his biggest challenges is to increase his muscle endurance and reduce arm pump during upper body obstacles like the peg board (especially after a bunch of obstacles back to back to back). Do you think the baking soda hack would work to increase his muscle endurance? Do you have any other biohacks he could use?

In my response, I recommend: -My article on American Ninja Warrior training -ArmAid -How to use a soup can for forearm massage -Any of these smart drug hacks -Beta-alanine + creatine (+baking soda?) stack

Biohacking Mental Focus

Craig says: He was a competitive cyclist in college (he is 42 now) and knows how to push himself in physical tasks but he has trouble staying focused and giving himself that same mental push during mental tasks. He follows the "Bulletproof Diet" and uses some supplements that you recommend and also takes adderall (which helps a little but he still has issues). What else can he try?

In my response, I recommend: -Dual n-Back training -Creatine (I mention this NaturalStacks stuff) -L-Carnitine -Krill Oil (I mention this NaturalStacks stuff) -Any of these smart drug hacks

10K Training And Nutrition Tips

Edward says: He is preparing for a 10k (and taking some NatureCBD to deal with some inflammation and aches and pains). He is wondering if there is any reason to run 35-47 miles in a week in preparation for the 10k? Also it is a hilly 10k and is wondering if you would suggest and specific hill sprints to prepare? And finally - how would you, Ben, fuel if you were running a 10k (he is very low carb)?


Does Algae Work For Fat Loss?

Sue says: She is trying out some spirulina, chlorella, algae supplements because she heard they were good for weight loss. Do they actually help you lose weight or is it just that they are so high in protein that it cuts down your appetite? She knows it is good for her and very healthy but she is taking 15 pills at a time. Is this right for her?

In my response, I recommend: (use 10% discount code GREENFIELD)