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Mar 29, 2018 

Mar 29, 2018, Podcast: 383 - Why Branched Chain Amino Acids Don't Work, How To Get A Better Score On A VO2 Max Test, Does Intermittent Fasting Lower Hormones, and How To Maximize Your Stem Cell Health.

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Listener Q&A

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick.

Why Branched Chain Amino Acids Don't Work [00:23:24]

Robert says: I have a question about Branch Chain Amino Acids. You say that you have concerns about their insulinogenic or glycemic effects but Dominic D'Agostino says that Leucine is a more of a ketogenic amino acid and that it didn't have much effect on blood sugar. I take up to 5 grams of Leucine before a workout, especially if have been fasting to help reduce muscle loss. If you can dig into this, that would be awesome.

In my response, I recommend: -Kion Aminos

How To Get A Better Score On A VO2 Max Test [00:31:22]

Andrew says: I have a Vo2 Max, incline, weighted fitness test coming up that I need to do for a fire department recruitment process. I was wondering if you have any tips, potential biohacking or training protocols that I can start using in preparation for this test. I will be wearing about 60lbs of gear, walking at a 12% incline for 12 - 15 minutes. Any help would be great!

In my response, I recommend: -LiveO2 - get a free pulse oximeter and free shipping on this extremely easy-to-setup and easy-to-use unit with code GREENFIELD -NordicTrack Incline Trainer -Hyperwear Weighted Vest -Biotropic Labs supplements -Blood test for RBC's/iron/ferritin -Thorne Iron Bisglycinate -Floradix Ferritin -Clearlight Sauna -Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine -Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Does Intermittent Fasting Lower Hormones? [00:54:29]

Andrew says: Would a 12-16 hour fast be safe for someone who is experiencing hyperthyroid and borderline testosterone issues? There is a study circulating that shows intermittent fasting can raise cortisol and lower testosterone.

In my response, I recommend: -Study: Within-day Energy Deficiency and Metabolic Perturbation in Male Endurance Athletes. -Kion Aminos -Exogenous ketones Four New, Cutting-Edge Ways To Easily Shift Your Body Into Fat-Burning Mode & Ketosis How To Use Ketones For Longevity, How I Personally Use Ketone Salts & A New Chemical-Free, Clean Way To Get Into Ketosis How To Get Into Ketosis In 60 Minutes Or Less (& Which Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients & More To Fill In The Holes Of A Ketogenic Diet) Exogenous Ketones, Deuterium-Depleted Water, Near Vs. Far Infrared, Scorpion Stings & More! A Special Episode Recorded Live In Panama Exoskeletons For Human Performance, Will Robots Rule The World, Ketosis For Muscle Gain & Much More -Hotel Carillon in Miami -Northern Galilee podcast with a basketball player who cured himself of cancer

How To Maximize Your Stem Cell Health [01:06:06]

Jason says: I am having stem cell treatment to address an old rotator cuff tear. I am wondering if there is anything specific that I can do pre and post surgery to maximize its effectiveness. I will follow my doctor's instructions but was wondering if there is anything I can do via diet, training or biohacks to maximize the treatment's effectiveness. It ain't cheap, so I want to do all I can do.

In my response, I recommend: -Pau D’ Arco bark tea (2-3 cups per day of the tea) -Superessentials fish oil (4 with any meal) -Organic green tea extract (use throughout day) -Organic cacao powder (use throughout day) -Organic frozen blueberries (use throughout day) -Activation Products Marine Phytoplankton (use in morning - 2 dropperfuls) -Intranasal glutathione (use 2 sprays each nostril in morning) -Colostrum (Kion Colostrum - 4 upon waking) -Bitter Melon Extract (Kion Lean - 2 before dinner) -RecoveryBits (20-30 bits a day - with or without food) -Thorne Multivitamin (take AM 3 capsules morning and PM 3 capsules evening) -Organic Aloe Vera Juice (2 shots/day) -Listen to this podcast and incorporate the recommendations on Moringa and on Coffeeberry Fruit Extract -Either the ketogenic diet from Stephen Gundry’s Plant Paradox or from Dr. Terry Wahl’s Wahl’s Protocol -Previous podcast about how to recover faster from surgery