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Apr 19, 2018

My guest on today's podcast is one fascinating dude. His name is Andrew Salisbury, and originally (after setting the world record for the world's longest bungee jump), he founded Corsidian, which grew to be the largest provider of call center software in Latin America. After Corsidian installations in 13 countries and offices in 5, Andrew sold the company in 2011. 

He then turned to coffee. It was clear to Andrew that coffee had tremendous health benefits, and decided to work with the best in defining what makes coffee so good for you, and to figure out how to get rid of notorious bad stuff in coffee such as pesticides, yeast, mold and a series of flavor imperfections.  He worked with a Professor named Adriana Farah for over 18 months to lab test coffees and to figure out how to source the right beans, with no consideration for cost and convenience, with the correct roast curve, organic source and freshness. He then validated his coffee against 49 of the most popular brands in the market. His goal was to decide on every step of the production chain what decision would avoid damage and maintain antioxidants in the coffee. That is not the driver for most decisions about coffee because the concern normally is taste and cost. Andrew asked a different question and the answers led him to decisions not normally made by coffee companies. The result was a coffee called "Purity", that is not the result of what Andrew did in the lab but the result of over 30 choices in the production chain prioritizing health above everything without exception. Andrew personally made every one of those decisions and explains why on today's podcast, explaining how he asked different coffee questions to the best experts in the industry, not just coffee scientists but from the farmers and everyone else involved in every step of production.

He is truly knowledgeable about the difference in the process from bean to cup as it relates to the compounds that hurt or harm health, and during our discussion, you'll discover:

-The mysterious debilitating illness that Amber's wife experienced while drinking 4-6 cups of coffee a day...[12:15]

-Why Andrew began to study coffee at the Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Coffee Studies...[14:30]

-What science knows about coffee that most consumers don't and why coffee has gotten a bad rap as early as the 1950's...[15:35]

-Why coffee has gotten such a bad rap of late in California due to acrylamide levels...[17:35]

-The host of chronic diseases that coffee can control or eliminate risk for...[19:40]

-How to concentrate levels of chlorogenic acid in coffee to maximize antioxidant levels...[27:30]

-The shocking results of the laboratory results that Andrew conducted on 49 different coffees...[30:40]

-The unique three step process used to select coffees that allow for extreme flavors combined with a crystal clean health profile...[42:15]

-How you can lower the caffeine content of coffee while maximizing antioxidants and taste...[49:15]

-Why the highest-standard packaging method is called nitrogen flushing to gain the height of freshness...[54:00]

-And much more!

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-My Man In The Arena coffee mug -My interview with Sanjiv Chopra

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