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Apr 20, 2019

Dr. Ted Achacoso attained a college degree in biology at the age of 18 and a doctor of medicine at the age of 22. He is the founding pioneer of the clinical practice of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe), which is the detection and correction of imbalances at the level of the metabolome.

He was mentored by Thierry Hertoghe, the founding pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine (Dr. Ted is double board-certified, Paris). He was mentored by William S. Yamamoto, the founding pioneer of Medical Informatics and an Artificial Intelligence researcher (Washington, DC). He was also mentored by D. Wayne Silby, the founding pioneer of Socially Responsible Investing and Finance (Washington, DC) and by three Philippine pioneers in Interventional Neuroradiology, in Neurology, and in Pharmacology/Toxicology.

His representative body of work includes a book containing the first ever neural circuitry database (“connectome”) for an organism, journal articles, US patents, software, grants, and recorded interviews, webcasts, podcasts, and speaking engagements in the areas of:

(1) artificial ethology, computational neuroethology, biomathematical modeling of nervous systems, and computability of consciousness,

(2) medical informatics, medical decision-making, connectionist systems, and expert systems,

(3) computer-assisted imaging, edge detection algorithms, and telehealth,

(4) virtual group dynamics, communication, and collaboration methods (He created the first wireless groupware),

(5) parallel, cluster, cloud, and distributed emergent computing,

(6) predictive complex adaptive system modeling of financial time series, and

(7) health optimization medicine including metabolomics, epigenetics, bioenergetics, gut microbiota, exposomics, chronobiology, and evolutionary medicine.

He is based in Washington, DC, maintains a tricontinental HOMe practice (North America, Europe, Asia), and performs HOMe/HOPe lecturing and mentoring to doctors and practitioners. Dr. Ted provides international corporate consulting activities involving nutritional supplement formulation and the establishment of metabolomics, mitochondria, and microbiota laboratories. He strongly suspects that this world is an illusion projected as a hologram by the human biocrystal, and pushes to create deliberately sustainable, happy dreams instead of nightmares.

Dr. Achacoso has trained, researched, and worked in many different fields:

1) Interventional neuroradiology and pharmacology in Manila;

2) Medical informatics and artificial intelligence in Washington, DC;

3) Scientific advisor to local venture and global institutional investment funds in Bethesda, MD;

4) As Founder and Chief Technology Officer of a group communication and collaboration software company in Rosslyn, VA (He created the first wireless mobile groupware);

5) As a quant trader for an incubator hedge fund in Rehoboth Beach, DE;

6) In Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine in Paris, Brussels, Monte Carlo.

His representative body of work includes a book containing the first-ever neural circuitry database (or the first-ever “connectome”) for an organism (C. elegans), journal articles, US patents, software, grants, and recorded interviews, webcasts, and speaking engagements in the areas of:

1) Artificial ethology, computational neuroethology, biomathematical modeling of nervous systems, and computability of consciousness;

2) Medical informatics, medical decision-making, connectionist systems, and expert systems;

3) Computer assisted imaging, edge detection algorithms, and tele-health;

4) Virtual group dynamics, communication and collaboration methods including the first wireless groupware systems;

5) Parallel, cluster, cloud, and distributed emergent computing;

6) Predictive complex adaptive system modeling of financial time series.

**Here are a few of my upcoming public appearances:

  • Paleo FX: Austin, TX - 24-28 April
  • Community Talk on Stem Cell Procedure: Charleston, SC - 29 May 
  • Swiss Retreat and Liver Detox: 23 June - 7 July

Click here to see more details about these and other upcoming events!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The homemade nootropic Dr. Ted took before the interview with Ben...8:30

-Whether or not Dr. Ted is really the smartest physician alive...11:35

  • He's pretty darn close (1 in a billion)

-What is Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and Health Optimization Practice (HOPe)...12:45

  • HOMe is intended for physicians; HOPe is intended for practitioners
  • The goal is for there to be more practitioners than physicians
  • Dr. Ted was an interventional neuroradiologist (spoke brains for a living)
  • Retrained in Europe in nutritional medicine in 2009; fields such as epigenetics, microbiota, etc. were becoming popular in the U.S.
  • Metabalomics: Studying the metabolites produced during different chemical processes in the body
  • Technology allows treating actual fundamental cells, versus symptoms at the organ level
  • HOMe represents a more sophisticated "dashboard" to examine the body
  • Our metabolites' "golden years" are between the ages of 21-30
  • Separate test for hormones (ideally blood)
  • Why you can't treat/adjust just hormones
    • They're all in a network
    • Causes imbalance, brain receives and gives improper signals
  • Network perspective vs. artificial intelligence

-Dr. Ted's book about artificial intelligence and "connectomes"...27:55

  • He was made to choose between studying the computability of consciousness and beauty
  • Was banned by the powers that be at M.I.T. (later apologized)
  • Now referred to as "Deep learning" (marketing is king)
  • We're too DNA centric

-The 7 "pillars" of Dr. Ted's practice...35:45

  • Clinical and therapeutic metabalomics: detection and correction
  • Epigenetics: "Genes are not your destiny"
  • Bioenergetics (mitochondria): Symbiotic relationship with our environment
  • Microbiota (gut immune system)
    • 78% of your bacteria are in your gut
    • They teach your immune system what's foreign, what's not
    • People born via c-section are more prone to allergies, immune diseases
    • Some c-sections, gauze is dipped in vagina, then rubbed on the head after birth
  • Exposomics: The sum total of your exposure to your own lifestyle and environment (including in utero)
    • Shows how your environment interacts with your genome to produce phenome (not phenotype)
    • Detox protocols:
      • Targeted supplementation
      • Gut cleanup
      • Phototoxicity (blue light isn't all bad)
    • V-Moda Fader Earplugs
  • Chronobiology
  • Evolutionary medicine

-The "Rolls Royce" for hacking jet lag and tips for optimizing circadian biology...59:50

  • Hormone balancing
    • Melatonin
    • Growth hormone (injected)
    • Thyroid (level rises in the morning)
    • Cortisol tablets
    • Gut enzymes
    • Thorne Biogest + SEED Probiotics
  • One "anchor" meal that is constant between time zones
  • Erythropoietin
  • Sleep hygiene:
    • "Your day begins at the time you fall asleep"
    • Treat your sleep as the first item on your list, not the last thing you do in the day
    • Oura ring for sleep tracking (deep sleep inducing peptide)

-Dr. Ted's guidance on diet...1:12:20

  • "Eating window" vs. "fasting window"
  • Complete everything in one day
  • Snowball effect (eat first and feel good, then get to work)
  • Remove sensitive foods right away
  • Dr. Ted's personal diet: Micro-nutrient optimized, macro-nutrient targeted
  • Make your fattiest meal your first meal; second meal high fiber and carbs; third meal have protein
  • Dr. Ted's morning coffee:
    • MCT oil or powder
    • Powdered cellulose (for fiber)
    • Collagen fiber

-And much more!

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