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Mar 23, 2014

BGFitness Podcast Sidekick, Brock Skywalker Amstrong, talked to Troy from evolvedNS about supplement manufacturing practices - including:

  • His background and how he got involved in the supplement industry.
  • The challenges in creating and marketing new supplements.
  • How to choose a manufacturing facility and what their involvement is.
  • The regulations, laws, certifications.
  • How and where to get supplements tested.
  • The costs (monetary or otherwise) in getting these tests done.
  • What certifications are good ones for a consumer to look for.
  • And what to look for in a supplement.

Troy forgot to mention during the interview that you want to ensure your manufacturer is ISO9001 certified and has a Vender Certification Program (VCP) in place to ensure that the raw materials are high quality. Keep that in mind when you're purchasing or developing a multivitamin.