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Aug 16, 2013

News flash: lots of pills, capsules, tablets, and vitamins end up completely unabsorbed, in a pile of poo, in your toilet.

From liposomal glutathione to transdermal magnesium, the truth is that there are delivery mechanisms for vitamins, minerals, nutrients and any other pills you may be popping that are 5 to 20 times more potent than regular delivery mechanisms like simply swallowing a capsule or tablet.

But although they can literally give you a nearly unfair advantage when it comes to enhancing your performance, detoxing your body quickly, massively boosting your immune system or sparking a significant increase in your IQ... ...these delivery mechanisms fly under the radar.

Not anymore.  In today's podcast interview with Mark Joyner (pictured right), you're going to learn everything you need to know about how to deliver important nutrients to your body in much more efficient ways that simply popping a pill... Mark is the author of the Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients Guide and the biohacks, detoxes, and nutrient delivery mechanisms we discuss during the show (which he details in the guide) include:

-liposomal delivery






-and much more.

Mark is an author, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO at Simpleology, a web application that helps people and teams get more done faster.

Questions, comments or feedback on this podcast? Leave your thoughts at And remember: don’t screw around. Do your own research and understand what you’re working with before you mess around with any of this stuff.

Click here to download Mark's Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients Guide for free.