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Jun 7, 2013

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March 13, 2013 free podcast: How To Become A Curvaceous, Lean, Ripped Female Athlete Without Destroying Your Health. Also: what does deer antler velvet spray do, how to use Ucan SuperStarch properly, how to get rid of migraines using your diet, what is the Moxymonitor, and are activity tracking devices (like the Fitbit) useful.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

Zach says @ 00:23:02 He has heard talk about Deer Antler Velvet Spray and wants to know more about it.

Allie asks @ 00:29:06 Is wondering how to use  Generation UCAN Superstarch to fuel for a marathon. ~ In my response I reference Generation Ucan Sports Drink Mix

Tony asks @ 00:29:22 Has been using  UCAN Superstarch and is wondering if Ucan only works if you are in a fat burning state and if he might have taken in too many carbs to use it effectively. ~ In my response I reference this Endurance Supplement Pack.

Jason asks @ 00:43:25 Wants to know how Jessa got rid of her migraines. He heard she did it by altering her alkalosis and acidosis using only food sources. ~ In my response, I mention the How To Get Rid Of Migraine Headaches episode and also transdermal magnesium.

Ken asks @ 00:49:12 Would like to know what you think of the moxymonitor?

Valerie asks @ 00:55:33 Wants to know your opinion of activity trackers like the FitBit. Are they accurate, do they work well, are they worth it?

Jenna asks @ 01:02:16 She is an underweight 19-year-old triathlete and is looking to build muscle mass (her BMI is below healthy level). She would like some specific help putting together a plan that would accelerate the process. ~ In my response I recommend doing 24 hour urine testing. If not available, do a performance panel. Also look at this muscle gain pack. I also recommend and Dan John's book interventions.

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