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Jun 7, 2013

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March 27, 2013 free podcast: What's wrong with the China Study? Also: is greek yogurt healthier than regular yoghurt, what can you do about nervous system failure, the best natural supplements to control pain, what is EvoAthelete, and does marijuana increase exercise performance? This is a big one, folks... (that's what she said!)

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

Kamil says @ 00:24:55 He read The China Study and is confused about whether he should stop eating meat or not. ~ In my response I mention this Raw Food SOS article.

Bill asks @ 00:37:22 Why is Greek yogurt better than regular yogurt? Is it made with different milk? If not, wouldn't it cause the same intestinal leakage, gastric distress and inflammation? ~ In my response, I mention Episode #212 What Kind Of Yogurt Is Best? Steve asks @ 00:47:34 He drummed for 121 hour straight (breaking a Guinness World Record) to raise money for cancer research. During the session he subluxated 4 ribs and had a seizure (around hour 116) when his core temp plummeted. It is a year later and he still has fatigue and strange symptoms (he can't get his heart rate over 120 on the bike), can you help him figure out why and what he should do about it? ~ In my response, I recommend Tian Chi and trace minerals.

JD says @ 01:00:00 During a recent surgery, while making an incision in his back, his right lower thoracic nerve was cut. He is now in a great deal of pain everyday. He'd like to know if there is any other treatment for it, other than the neurontinhe has been prescribed. ~ In my recommendation for pain management to JD, I recommend: A whole food antioxidant that includes vitamin B, D, E and wild plant derivatives, such as LifeShotz. High omega 3 fatty acids and GLA intake, including borage oil, Natural painkillers from something like phenocane, High magnesium intake, A zinc supplement, and Glutathione.

Kyle asks @ 01:10:08 He listened to the podcast with Jay Schroeder of EvoAthlete and got confused. He would like you to explain how some of Jay's techniques could be incorporated into training. ~ In my response to Kyle, I reference my current training protocol at

Anonymous asks @ 01:23:41Wonders what your thoughts are on smoking marijuana and its effects on endurance sports (he is primarily a marathon runner).

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