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Oct 26, 2017

In today's podcast, the roles have been reversed... ...*I* am the interviewee. This rare, up close and personal interview is a continuation of my recent four-part series. If you haven't been following along, you can click to read Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

If you have been following along, you've already learned about my two-year journey into creating my brand new company, Kion, by answering the question that I pondered while roaming a Kauai beach two years ago... it time to move on?

Should I take two decades of time spent immersed in the fitness trenches, over 4,000 health books consumed, a Master's degree in physiology and biomechanics, voracious studying of every nutrition, digestion and diet tactic in existence, hardcore lessons learned from subjecting my body and brain to the most masochistic events on the face of the planet, ten years of researching and answering podcast questions on everything from muscle gain to memory to migraines… …and simply walk away?


…is it time to take my years of “dabbling” in the fitness industry and actually do something that helps people on a much more massive scale than me writing exercise programs, making naked YouTube videos of cold showers, running around in the forest throwing spears at hay bales and hacking together superfood smoothies in my kitchen? Is it time to be open to greatness? Be open to bringing to this world on a much more massive scale everything I've learned traveling the globe interviewing the world’s longest living, happiest, hard-charging, high-achievers, everything I've learned reading thousands of books and research papers on longevity, happiness, fulfillment, human potential, and everything I've learned immersing myself as a devoted student of the human body, mind, and spirit. Take that creativity, that curiosity, that thirst for knowledge, that education, that experience and that intuition and give it back to the world in a much, much bigger way than I ever have. Well, there's a lot more to the story than just what's happened the past couple years.

So to give you the full scoop, I sat down with Kion's Chief Operating officer, Angelo Keely, for a deep-dive into my life up to this point.

During our discussion, I reveal plenty of insight and juicy secrets, including:

-The poignant history of my parents and how they ended up in Idaho...[10:00] 

-How my unconventional upbringing and education led to my first successes as a 14-year old entrepreneur...[15:30]

-My intro into tennis and how I fell in love with the sport...[23:10]

-How I – a scrawny book-loving computer geek – became an elite hard-charging athlete and a New York Times best-selling author and...[28:22]

-My adventures as a 16 year old first year college student...[32:00]

-The "perfect storm" that brewed in my second year of university that led me to take a deep dive into exercise, nutrition and entrepreneurship... [37:45]

-How I managed to work 3-4 jobs at a time, while being a full-time university student...[46:45]

-What turned me off of medical school and becoming a doctor...[50:54]

-Here we break for a stretch, and to be guided through a meditation with Ziva Meditation Founder, Emily Fletcher... [58:40]

-How I met and married the love of my life...[70:40]

-Why I gave up bodybuilding to become a personal trainer...[78:15] -How I was voted - and won - America's Top Personal Trainer in 2008...[87:50]

-What spurred me to write my first online training program and how it became a top-seller...[92:00]

-Why I value habit, and how habits help me be productive...[113:45]

-How I - an Idaho born and raised, home-schooled conservative Christian - came up with a company called KION...[122:10]

...and much more.

Resources from this episode: -The high resolution, HD, studio video version of this episode

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