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Mar 28, 2020

On my recent whirlwind media and Boundless book tour of India, I hosted, along with my friends Jag Chima and Kris Gethin, a massive biohacking Q&A and panel in New Delhi, which you can listen to here.

We covered an enormously wide range of topics, including:

  • How to have energy at your beck and call, all day long...
  • Hidden environmental killers and how to hack your environment to remove them...
  • Ben and Kris' latest updated sleep and jet lag tips...
  • Eating for anti-aging and longevity...
  • How to lose fat faster...
  • And much more!

Later, we flew to Mumbai, crashed at a hotel, and slipped into a hotel room to record, for your listening pleasure, a few guys shooting the sh*t about everything from my 10 favorite biohacks, to how to drink socially without damaging the body, to Ayurvedic herbs and supplements, meditation, responsible use of cell phones and much more - all released on today's show!

Jag Chima, born in England, is an entrepreneur, investor, visionary, health and fitness enthusiast, and philanthropist with business interests that include real estate, construction, finance, lifestyle, and health and fitness. Jag is the founder of The London Group, a diversified conglomerate with extensive operations in the UK, India, and other parts of the world. The London Group is comprised of companies in property consultancy, property development, estate agents, lifestyle brands, fitness education, talent management, and health clubs.

Jag has carved a niche for himself as a passionate and astute professional, with experience that started in 1998. He has also been featured on many media platforms including BBC News Asia, BBC Asian Network, and MATV.

He is a sought after speaker and strategic advisor on business affairs and believes in facing fears and taking on challenges for growth and personal development. Jag recently completed a triathlon and also a 1450 km bicycle ride from Delhi to Mumbai. He is a proud supporter of The Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar India, a home for unwanted, abandoned girls in Punjab, India.

Originally from Wales, Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry. Before founding Kaged Muscle, Kris competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder, placing as high as second place in the Natural World Championships.

As a personal trainer, his clients have included Bollywood celebrities, billionaire businessmen, and champion athletes. In between training clients, he has certified more than 800 personal trainers. Somehow, this tireless innovator found time to co-found a health club franchise called Kris Gethin Gyms. He has shared his extensive knowledge through books, newsletters, videos, and podcasts.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-Ben shares about his trip to India...6:30

  • Is India ready to embrace biohacking?
  • Barriers to biohacking technology are falling

-A wise approach to Ayurvedic herbs and supplements...10:00

-The role of meditation in improving the health of one's mind...16:00

  • Spiritual connection
  • BGF podcast on Spiritual Disciplines
  • Don't be dependent on biohacks for meditation
  • Meditate in the same spot
  • Candle and hourglass meditation in the sauna
  • The presence of a phone on the table can decrease the quality of conversation at dinner
  • Very easy to get disconnected from mindfulness in modern society
  • Incorporate time when tech isn't present into your daily routine
  • Be aware of biological impact of smart phones

-Mindful eating practices...24:30

  • Jaggery, monk fruit, stevia, etc. are good alternatives to processed sugar
  • Over-consuming jaggery, ghee, etc. resulting in weight gain
  • Eat in a parasympathetic state
  • Be present/aware of the taste, how you feel, etc.
  • Eat w/ people while celebrating food
  • Love your body, love people around you, and love your food (where and how was it sourced?)
  • People move much less than their ancestors
  • Any food can become inflammatory, even healthy foods

-Big problems with the modern Indian diet...40:15

  • India is currently the diabetic capital of the world
  • "Sugar free" is oftentimes a misnomer
  • Many foods in their natural state are intended to have healthy fats
  • Processed carbs and sugars are particularly problematic
  • Vegetable oils are the biggest culprits
  • Prioritize your body over convenience

-Responsible use of cell phones...46:17

  • 3 major issues with non-native EMF:
    • Influx of calcium in cells
    • DNA and protein damage
    • Downregulate NF-kB pathways
  • How to offset some of the damage:
    • Magnesium can offset excess calcium
    • NAD and sirtuins repair the DNA
    • Pterostilbene
    • Green tea
    • Fasting, ketone esters and ketone salts offset down regulation of NF-kB pathways

-How to live healthy in an unhealthy environment...54:17

  • AO Air (HEPA face mask)
  • N95 mask
  • Molekule air filters
  • Air Doctor HEPA filter
  • Now Foods taurine powder
  • Annatto (Vitamin E)
  • Astaxanthin
  • Book: Eat to Beat Disease by William Li
  • BGF podcast w/ Dr. Li
  • Book: The Body Electric
  • Book: Healing is Voltage

-How to drink socially without damaging the body...58:03

  • Consume drinks that contain little to no alcohol
  • Kin Euphorics
  • New drinks on the horizon which contain no alcohol and improve social functions
  • 1-3 Butanediol
  • Alcohol significantly impacts sleep cycles

-What India needs to do to up its game regarding health and biohacking...1:03:22

  • Farming practices: India relies upon mono cropping (as does the U.S.)
  • Thrive Market
  • Stores that allow people to access high quality foods
  • Podcasters, bloggers redefine what health and fitness means
  • Any change begins with our children

-Ben Greenfield's 10 favorite biohacks...1:13:30

  • Red light therapy
  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Grounding/earthing
  • NAD and sirtuins
  • Peptides
  • Blood flow restriction training
  • Single set to failure training
  • Breathwork (Power Lung)
  • Gluta Stat (nebulizing glutathione)

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Got a question for me, Jag or Kris? Drop a comment below, and we'll reply!