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Mar 27, 2021

I am asked quite often about how I practically weave into my own life so many of the spiritual disciplines and spiritual fitness principles that I discuss in my book Fit Soul, my Spiritual Disciplines Journal and my weekly Sabbath Ramblings posts

So in this special "solosode" podcast, I describe to you in detail how I practice and practically implement four key spiritual disciplines habits on a daily basis, specifically service, gratitude, purpose and self-examination, and I then turn to listener questions about spirituality, religion, God, reincarnation, my favorite spiritual books and resources and much more, and also include my entire Chapter 10 of my book Fit Soul for your listening pleasure.

In this special solosode, you'll hear:

-Chapter 10 of Fit Soul...7:15

-What to do when your job is crushing your soul...44:25

-What if I can't wrap my head around believing in God or religion?...49:08

-What happens when we die?...56:50

-Is it okay to masturbate?...1:07:15

-What pastors and authors does Ben like to listen to and read...1:12:15

-How to forgive one's self for major sins of the past...1:17:10

-Ben's daily spiritual practices...1:21:45

-And much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

-Spiritual Disciplines Journal

Episode sponsors:

-Kion Clean Energy Bars


-Paleo Valley Beef Sticks

-Kin Euphorics

Got a question or comment for me about today's episode? Just leave a comment below and I'll reply!