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Dec 29, 2022

Cameron George knows more about kava - including the confusing myths and truths surrounding this somewhat controversial plant - more than anyone I know.

On this podcast, I had a chance to go on a walk with Cameron and talk all things kava, plant medicine and beyond. Cameron has been a previous guest on the show "The Natural Drug And Alcohol Alternative That May Transform The Future Of Mental Health: Everything You Need To Know About Kava With Cameron George.", and as you'll discover, he's a fascinating guy.

We go on a walk and talk discussing topics like:

  • There is a spectrum of kava effects - expressing one characteristic more than the other
  • Reverse tolerance effect of kava 
  • What can kava be mixed with?
  • Ben’s current position on the use of plant medicines and the whole psychedelic phenomenon
  • Psychedelics have the capability to open up a portal to the other world 
    • Allows you to interact with entities and spirit 
    • A method to interact with the spiritual world 

Full Show Notes:

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