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Nov 25, 2021

After a friend recommended that I look into the concept of "miracle healing", which I was admittedly extremely skeptical of, I read the book Miracles Every Day: The Story of One Physician's Inspiring Faith and the Healing Power of Prayer, which is the story of Dr. Issam Nemeh, a Cleveland-based physician and devout Catholic who has prayed over tens of thousands of people from all faiths and all walks of life in the past two decades.

The apparent result of Dr. Nemeh's work? Miracles.

No, I'm serious. I didn't believe it at first, but the stories in the book and the testimonials of legitimate, trustworthy people is mind-blowing. Injuries healed, cancers cured, sight and hearing restored. Yet, as Dr. Nemeh will be the first to point out, “the miracles are just to get our attention.” The healings do not originate from him, but from God. It is this humility and dedication to those in need that have won him the respect and trust of laypeople and religious leaders alike.

The book traces the lives of the doctor and his dedicated wife, Kathy, and brings us the uplifting stories of the many people who have been healed through one man's powerful faith. Miracles Every Day is a compelling reminder of God's individual and unconditional love for each one of us. Along the way you meet the dedicated family members, volunteers, and clergy who support the Nemeh's in their work. They speak of a ministry of hope, of lives changed and saved through not just the power of prayer, but through the awesome Spirit-driven power of love.

After reading it, I was so inspired and intrigued that I just had to see and experience Dr. Nemeh's work for myself. So I hopped on a plane to Cleveland, Ohio, hunted him down, and recorded an intriguing and inspiring audio interview for you with content unlike anything I've ever talked about before.

One CBN article about Dr. Nemeh includes the following:

"When Dr. Nemeh was 15 years old, he had a vision that he would share his gift of faith with thousands, but first he would have to form a solid base for his ministry with a medical practice. Midway through his career, he switched to the practice of Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture (MRA). MRA is different than traditional Chinese acupuncture. It consists of 2 parts: a diagnostic procedure and a treatment procedure. The diagnosis involves measuring the electrical resistance of the body at different points on the skin, known as meridian points. These measurements are graphed and treatment is performed with a small needle temporarily inserted for a few seconds.

Dr. Nemeh says he made the career change because he felt the Lord tell him this new practice would give him one-on-one time to work on people. His practice grew by word of mouth from his patients who told stories of their healings to friends and family. Dr. Nemeh says he only prays with the patients who ask him to and is quick to give the credit to God. “I don’t do the healing,” says Dr. Nemeh. “It’s Jesus. It’s the Holy Spirit.” Many of his patients are oblivious to the fact that Dr. Nemeh is already praying for them. “Prayer is non-stop,” he says...

Six days a week, Dr. Nemeh combines acupuncture and prayer for his patients and his Sundays are spent standing for nine hours in churches and meeting halls without a break at healing services. Tens of thousands of people have experienced physical, emotions and spiritual changes since Dr. Nemeh opened his practice in 1992.

Cancer tumors vanish, vision is restored, and other dramatic healings take place after Dr. Nemeh prays for people. He says these healings and miracles are manifestations or demonstrations of God’s presence. Basically they are proof that God is closer to us than we think and that He walks beside us in everything we do. It is Dr. Nemeh’s desire to see people grow closer to the Lord as a result of their healing."

Fascinated yet? Then tune into this episode for sure.

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In this episode you'll discover:

-How Issam can recall the moment of his birth in vivid detail...

-The nuts and bolts of tracking healing as it's happening in real-time...

-Does Issam feel God is working through his medical instruments to combine faith healing with modern technology?...

-Issam performs a healing on Ben in real time...

-And much more!

You can purchase Dr. Nemeh's book here

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