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Apr 28, 2018 

I first interviewed Thomas DeLauer in the episode The Ultimate Guide To Quelling Inflammation: Why Your Curcumin May Not Work, Surprising Effects Of Ginger Oil, Vegan Fish Oil Options & Much More!

Thomas is one of the leading experts in the world of chronic inflammation as well as the response of the human body to a low-carb diet. He is noted for his personal transformation from a 280-pound overweight corporate executive to not only being on the cover of health and fitness magazines worldwide but pioneering some of the mainstream awareness of auto-immune diseases and inflammation in general!

Thomas has been highlighted in over 20 magazines showcasing his transformation and has been featured worldwide on the cover of Ironman Magazine, Muscle and Performance Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, ICON Magazine, Platform Magazine and Ironman Japan. His background is in Sports Psychology, although it is this passion for psychology coupled with a career in healthcare as a physician recruiter and owner of an ancillary lab services company that sparked his love for nutritional science and what makes the body tick.

He is currently working on a project in the 2nd phase of trials with Doctors at UCLA to identify a strain of bacteria that may help modulate inflammation within the body. It is partially due to his involvement in this study that he has developed such an interest in the world of cellular inflammation in the first place. Residing near Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, three dogs, two horses, and soon to be first son. Thomas promotes a lifestyle of living as close to the earth as possible to obtain the best possible results while still achieving maximum performance in every possible area of life.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Ben and Thomas's drinks of choice (and why Thomas drinks Everclear)... 6:28

-The surprising truth about how alcohol is actually metabolized... 9:46

-If certain people are more predisposed to alcoholism or diminished alcohol metabolism... 13:17

-Whether you should eat foods with alcohol to avoid weight gain... 19:54

-The best kind of drinks to avoid lipid peroxidation and keep the body more healthy during drinking... 23:00

-Whether alcohol diminishes your ability to maintain ketosis... 40:51

-If there are certain alcohols that aren’t as labor intensive on the body... 42:22

-How to choose an alcohol that is truly gluten-free... 48:43

-The best time of day to have a glass of wine... 54:06

-The extreme importance of glutathione production and how it coincides with alcohol... 1:03:54

-How to enhance glutathione absorption and the best forms of glutathione... 

1:10:00 -And much more!

We can spend some time talking about the lactoferrin bond in our KorFactor Glutathione and how it chelates excess iron so that Glutathione can actually be absorbed. "But you’ll be glad to hear our patented NanoKOR™ delivery method wraps the Glutathione in a series of protective layers and binds it with lactoferrin."


Resources from this episode: -KorFactor Glutathione (use this link for 15% discount) -FitVine Wine -The best gluten-free beer  -Ebo Lebo digestif drink -Chris Masterjohn podcast on glycine depletion

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