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Jan 28, 2015

I'm all about testing and quantifying what's going on inside my body, so when Certified Holistic Health Coach Wendy Myers approached me at a biohacking conference and asked me if I wanted to have my hair tested with a hair mineral analysis test... ...I made a stop at my local barber... a few strands snipped off... ...sent my hair off to Wendy's lab... ...and was absolutely shocked at the results I got in my e-mail inbox a couple weeks later. In this episode, we talk about about the results of my hair mineral analysis, and you'll also learn: -Exactly what hair mineral analysis is and how it works... -How you can discover things like adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and nutrient and mineral deficits from your hair... -What to do about heavy metal toxicities, and why some heavy metal chelators can actually be dangerous... -How to tell if you're undereating or overeating carbohydrates... -Where natural remedies like infrared saunas and coffee enemas fit in... -Why even pristine well water can have some serious issues... -And much more! Resources: -Click here to download the results of Ben Greenfield's hair mineral analysis. -Click here to download the results of Ben Greenfield's hair mineral ratios. -Want your own Hair Mineral Analysis? Click here to go to Wendy's website and get started. -Copper Dysregulation podcast -Transdermal magnesium -Infrared Biomat -Trace Liquid Minerals Do you have questions, comments or feedback or hair mineral analysis? Leave your thoughts at!