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Dec 17, 2020

Ever wonder how hot your sauna should be?

The benefits of dry vs. infrared?

Things you can use to heat up the body or enhance detoxification more during the use of heat?

How about how cold a cold shower or cold bath should be?

What kind of hacks increase fat loss in response to cold thermogenesis?

Does cryotherapy really "blunt the effects of exercise"?



In this extremely comprehensive overview of all things heat, hyperthermia, sauna, cold, cryotherapy and cold thermogenesis, Ben gives you everything you need to know to enhance performance, cognition, fat loss, cellular resilience, detoxification, anti-aging and much, much more. You can consider this podcast to be your ultimate resource on all things hot and cold.



In this special "solosode" from Ben, you'll discover:

-Ben's longstanding interest in biomechanics...6:25


-Ben's sadistic foray into hyperthermia...10:40


-The endurance benefits of heat...15:15


-Muscular benefits of heat...19:00


-Longevity benefits of heat...26:45


-How heat (or leaving heat) promotes brain health...27:35



-Tips and tricks to enhance your sauna experience...35:25


-How cold affects the brain...43:00


-Inflammation and immune system benefits of cold...49:50


-The effects of cold on aging...53:15


-Cold's effects on fat loss...54:20


-Performance and recovery...58:25


-Tips and tricks to enhance cold thermogenesis...1:03:45



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