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Jan 28, 2023

I first became aware of this episode's podcast guest, Hamilton Souther, when I heard him interviewed by Aubrey Marcus in a fascinating discussion about "sorcery vs. medicine." 

As the guide and founder at Blue Morpho, Hamilton is no ordinary "shaman." He is a master Ayahuasca Shaman who moved from the United States to Peru in his early 20s to find out if there was any truth behind mysticism and Shamanism, then became one of the few non-native men ever to be initiated into the traditional ways of Ayahuasca Shamanism.

Hamilton now operates the healing center Blue Morpho, based in Iquitos, Peru, where he hosts guests from all over the world and in cyberspace. Blue Morpho offers comprehensive online retreats, courses, products, and booking services to support individuals in their personal transformation journey.

Through Shamanic Dieta, an ancient technology that looks to medicinal plants from the rainforest, Blue Morpho restores balance, harmony, and life-force energy to your body. Online ceremonies with experienced shamans are held in cooperation with body practices classes, aiming to build physical strength while recharging both mind and spirit for fulfilling life goals and intentions.

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