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Nov 13, 2021

Texas man, fellow homeschooler, a man after my own heart, and today's podcast guest, Jesse Elder is a self-described “Millionaire Mentor", an Improv Philosopher, a former MMA fighter turned entrepreneur, and also the author of "The Upgraded Life”.

Jesse's latest quest has been to tackle our human rights, sovereignty, common law vs. statutory law, and many other elements of freedom that are particularly relevant for the times we are currently living in.

In this episode, you'll hear:

-How Jesse learned the value of true freedom and learning to live with the consequences of one's decisions...

-Statutory vs. common law and how the legal system has become a weapon of the state...

-Fun facts about the IRS and what might happen if you stop filing tax returns...

-Why the judge is NOT the most powerful person in a courtroom...

-And much more...

Detailed notes, including links to all websites, resources and otherwise mentioned in this episode can be accessed at

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