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Mar 22, 2014

When I first heard about a device that could generate new blood vessels, remove waste from muscles, maximize flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, and allow muscle fibers to fire with lightning-like precision, I knew I had to do a podcast about it.

It’s called a “MarcPro“, it’s a form of electrical muscle stimulation, works much differently than something like a Compex, and in today’s episode with CEO Ryan Heaney, you’re going to discover:

-What is the MarcPro?

-How does it help with muscle recovery?

-Are there any effects on performance or strength?

-Can you build muscle with it?

-How is this any different than other electrical stimuation devices?

-Whether you can use it during exercise.

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Do you have questions about the Marc Pro or how to use it? Leave your thoughts at! And remember, you can get a $32 discount on the MarcPro with code “Ben” at, and the website offers a very affordable $54/month payment plan!