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Apr 21, 2018

Prepare to take the deepest dive you ever have into the art of preparing the perfect cup of coffee...

...including optimizing criteria such as the caffeine content, the amount of healthy chlorogenic acid in the brew, the antioxidants, the effect on blood lipids and much more.

My guest on today's podcast, Adel Moussa, recently investigated the impressive host of coffee data he came up with after dozens of hours he spent on Google Scholar and PubMed. And he indeed found some very, very interesting coffee tips you're about to discover in today's podcast. As a trained physicist Adel, found his passion for nutrition and exercise science early during his studies when the lack of reliable, evidence-based information about supplements and training on the internet motivated him to start blogging about these topics. Over the years, his blog,, has accumulated more than 2300 fully-referenced articles and became one of the go-to sources for well-referenced, unbiased information about the latest and most relevant studies in the realms of diet, health, and fitness. In spite of that, the work Adel puts into the maintenance of the website, and the Facebook news-channel (, as well as his work as a reviewer for the "Examine Research Digest", are still a hobby for him - one that does, however, leave enough time to hit the gym several times a week.

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During our discussion, you'll discover:

-If Adel drinks coffee, and if so, what his daily coffee routine like...[8:45]

-Why coffee can cause heartburn and what you can do about it...[10:05]

-The fascinating relationship between bean type and caffeine content...[12:45]

-How you can maximize glycogen stores and lower blood glucose by choosing your coffee wisely...[17:40]

-What chlorogenic acid is, and how can we maximize it in the coffee we drink...[22:00]

-How you can maximize or minimize caffeine content based on your brewing methods...[26:05]

-How you can increase the amount of fatty acids and brain-boosting compounds in the coffee you drink...[29:00]

-Whether coffee actually "breaks your fast"...[37:15]

-How "melanoidins" can actually increase the health of your coffee, and how to maximize them...[40:35]

-Why you need to be careful with a compound called "acrylamide", and what you can do about it...[44:30]

-The benefits you get from green coffee that you don't get from other roasted coffees...[46:45]

-What Adel thinks are the tastiest or best coffee alternatives, such as green tea, black tea, mushroom tea, etc...[52:00]

-And much more!

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