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Apr 30, 2015

Although for the past decade I've used a health savings account (HSA) combined with managing my own high deductible health insurance, the passage of Obamacare Affordable Health Care Act ironically tripled my private health insurance costs and left me forced to find a new plan. So this year, I went through the process of applying for health insurance through Washington Health Plan Finder. After dozens of hours of website crashes, tech support nightmares and nerve-wracking lapses in my health insurance coverage, I finally secured coverage. So health insurance is something fresh on my mind. And how about finding a physician? In the past, I've interviewed my own physicians here in the local Spokane, Washington area, including Dr. Todd Schlapfer and Dr. Toby Hallowitz, and I used the same two-step process to find these doctors as I typically recommend to most folks:

1) Ask around in your local community of like-minded folks about which doctor they recommend;

2) Use these directories that can help you find a good functional medicine or naturopathic practitioner in your area:

But now, it appears that there is a new website and app for finding a doctor wherever you are. It's called "BetterDoctor", and in today's interview, I speak with Ari Tulla, creator of BetterDoctor, about what BetterDoctor actually is, and how it may help you find a medical practitioner appropriate for your needs, find health insurance or find a specific procedure. You'll discover: -Which specific algorithms go into how a doctor is rated... -How to know which cities where big pharma pays doctors the most...  -How you can differentiate between alternative medical practitioners such as naturopathic vs. Western allopathic medicine... -How to locate a list of doctors who has done the highest number of the specific medical procedures that you need... -How to know which health insurance plan is going to allow you access to the best doctors in your area.... -How to know whether you or your insurance are getting overcharged for specific medical procedures...

Do you have questions about where to find a doctor wherever you are? Your own doctor directory that you recommend? Leave your thoughts and comments at