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May 4, 2023

Dr. Daniel Pompa and Merily Pompa - amazing parents who are featured in my new Boundless Parenting book - are leaders in the field of functional medicine.

Through years of self-experimentation, Daniel and Merily have crafted a “From Pain to Purpose” mindset, which they teach to others as they travel and speak together.

A former chiropractor, Daniel has established himself as a global leader in the health and wellness industry. He is committed to educating the public about the root causes of inflammation-driven diseases through his innovative program, True Cellular Detox™. As a respected voice in the field, Daniel's weekly Cellular Healing TV podcasts reach thousands of viewers across the world. His expertise is sought after at high-profile events, where he speaks to international presidents, delegates, and large audiences on natural health stages in the United States, catering to both the public and fellow practitioners.

As the author of two best-selling books, The Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting: A Cellular Solution to Break Through Weight Loss Resistance, Slow Aging, and Get Well, Daniel has made significant contributions to the health and wellness literature.

Merily, Daniel's partner in life and work, has her own inspiring story of overcoming toxicity and hormonal challenges. After years of dedication to her own healing journey, she now shares her experiences and insights to empower others facing similar struggles.

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