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Jun 28, 2018

Sami Inkinen is the CEO & Founder of San Francisco based Virta Health. Virta is an online specialty medical clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes safely and sustainably, without the risks, costs, or side effects of medications or surgery. Sami is also an active investor in companies advancing human health and performance as an angel investor and Venture Partner at Obvious Ventures.

Previously, Sami was a co-founder, COO and President of Trulia until it’s IPO and eventual sale for $3.6B. Sami, an avid athlete, is a triathlon world champion in his age group, and recently rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii unsupported with his wife at a record speed to raise awareness about healthy nutrition.

Sami received his Masters in Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology and MBA from Stanford University. The last time Sami and I spoke in the podcast How To Maximize Triathlon Success With Minimal Training Time, we discussed how Sami has a busy work life that only allows him a maximum of about 12 hours per week to train, and in that interview, he revealed his secrets, including:

-What 99% of Ironman triathletes do wrong…

-How a typical week of Sami’s triathlon training goes…

-Sami’s top swim sessions and strategies (including the use of a swimming snorkel)…

-How the combination of indoor cycling and a Computrainer can save you tons of time...

-Sami’s top run workout on the track…

-How Sami uses something called Restwise to track recovery, and what he really thinks about other training recovery tools…

-What Sami eats and what he avoids eating…

-And much more!

Now Sami's back, and during our discussion, you'll discover:

-The story of Sami's crazy low-carb rowing adventure to Hawaii, fueled by dehydrated vegetables, jerky and nuts...8:30

-What Sami's been up to with the creation of Virta Health...18:15

-How Virta Health works in a shockingly effective way to reverse Type II diabetes...26:45

-How Sami is quantifying his health, his sleep, his fitness and other lifestyle parameters...34:00

-What Sami's diet looks like now...42:30

-Dr. Steven Phinney's thoughts on the dangers of fasting...48:00

-The supplements Sami takes or does not take for maintaining a low-carb lifestyle, anti-aging and beyond...52:00

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

-How To Maximize Triathlon Success With Minimal Training Time

-Sami Inkinen

-The Virta Health Website


-Dr. Steven Phinney's thoughts on the dangers of fasting

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