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Feb 27, 2021

I've talked in the past about the use of inaudible sound waves to elicit specific brain wave and neurotransmitter responses, specifically with a device called the "Apollo," which I discuss in this podcast.

I've also been exploring the use of magnetic waves to elicit certain neurotransmitter responses, via a device called a "Hapbee," which can simulate chemicals such as caffeine, nicotine, melatonin, MDMA, etc. to elicit a physiological response without the actual intake of supplements, pharmaceuticals, or any other compounds or medicines. I'll be doing a podcast on this device soon.

And finally, I've now been experimenting with a so-called "Infopathy" device (use code BENG10 for 10% off any of their devices), which "imprints" water, or your body, with frequencies of everything from St. John's Wort to coffee to Viagra to anything else you want from their literal hundreds of "infoceutical" options. It's so fascinating that I just had to get the inventor on the show!

Anton Fedorenko, the creator of the Infopathy devices, received his BASc in applied physics and mathematics and MASc in innovation and high technologies from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Russia. For 10 years, Anton has been involved with several water-related projects wherein he not only conducted fundamental research but also developed water-related products and web-based platforms.

From 2013 to 2017, he was a member of the organizing committee for the annual Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water.

In 2018, Anton founded Ash•Nu Technologies Inc. and is currently developing two platforms: Infopathy and AquaPsy. Infopathy allows users to transfer infoceuticals (ICs) for health, cosmetic, veterinary, and gardening purposes anytime, anywhere.

AquaPsy takes consciousness research to a whole new level. Through AquaPsy, people from around the world can be connected remotely to water-based sensors, which can detect and evaluate influences caused by non-local mind effects. Both these platforms help one rediscover themselves from the quantum view.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Infopathy defined...9:05

-Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) theory applied to everyday life...13:30

  • Video on the QED theory
  • Should water be consumed immediately after being treated?
    • Consume within 3 days
    • Avoid exposure to WiFi or cell phones
  • Miron glass to protect herbs and nutrients from radiation
  • 1 tsp of salt added into the water to increases the efficacy of infopathy (mineralized water is more stable)
  • IC Pad for charging water (use code BENG10 to save 10%)

-Mixing many ingredients into treated water...18:30

  • A "complex" is a mix of several ingredients into one water
  • Suggestions for complexes in order to get the desired result
  • Public complexes are created by practitioners via a peer-reviewed process
  • Running a new infoceutical on top of an existing one will override the old one

-The wearable that allows you to transmit infoceuticals...22:30

  • IC Hummer wearable device, that can also be used on water (use code BENG10 to save 10%)
  • If you don't have the IC Pad, wrap the Hummer around the water and get the same effect
  • IC Pad is slightly faster than the Hummer and also contains herbs
  • The IC Hummer can be attached to the body and absorbed while you do stuff
  • Get a better effect if you wear two IC Hummers at once
  • You can be up to 30 feet away from the device and get the effect
  • A wired device will be more effective than a bluetooth device

-PEMF used to transfer infoceuticals into the body...29:45

  • Files are stored in audio format
  • The PEMF absorbs the electromagnetic waves that are present in the audio
  • Some infoceuticals are PEMF only: must be plugged in, no Bluetooth
  • PEMF infoceuticals are best applied directly to the body, not by drinking imprinted water
  • Three types of infoceuticals:
    • Imprint - signals created from substances; physical products (with any device or via water)
    • PEMF - use them with Glowing IC Pad or IC Hummer to emit PEM waves (wearable and wireless)
    • Audible - does not require a device are used with headphones or with the IC Hummer (also emits acoustic waves)
  • PEMFs are directly applied to the body

-Liquids other than water that can be used to transfer infoceuticals to the body...34:05

  • Liquid should not be hotter than 30°C (around 90°F)
  • Molecules move too fast for it to be effective
  • Ben did a liver and gallbladder transfer via a chilled cocktail

-Legitimate research that has been conducted on infoceuticals...37:00

-Ben and Anton's favorite infoceuticals and best practices...41:35

-Infoceuticals that are appropriate for plants and animals...48:05

-Appropriate frequency of use for infoceuticals...49:20

  • Imprinted and PEMF require regular use to maintain the effects
  • IC Pad can be made wireless with an inexpensive adapter
  • Occasional Bluetooth exposure is not as problematic as constant exposure

-Tips on creating infoceutical complexes...52:22

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