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Aug 15, 2020




Sit back and prepare for a wild ride, because it's finally here: The official, fully updated, EMF-shielding "building biology" analysis of my biohacked home in the forest.




Are your sleep-enhancing devices potentially hurting your brain and sleep patterns due to the dirty electricity they emit during a night of sleep?



Is a "low-EMF" office really low EMF?



Do "healthy" saunas produce EMFs or dirty electricity?



Is it OK to use popular grounding or earthing devices?



Do any of those fancy EMF personal protection devices actually work?



How big a deal are cell phone towers or 5G panels, even if you don't live directly nearby one?






We'll tackle these questions and plenty more as you get to listen in (and watch, using the video here on this page) during an entire building biology analysis of the Greenfield home.






My guest on today's show, Brian Hoyer, first joined me on the show "The Intriguing Science Of Building Biology (Along With A Complete Analysis & Surprising Results From Ben Greenfield’s So-Called “Biohacked Home”)".






Brian’s dive into health started when he became a father wanting to provide the most optimal growing environment for his family. His desire for them to thrive—and his devotion to discover the truth—drove him to find the most insightful and effective cutting-edge methods for addressing what’s really going on in our bodies and environments. This led Brian to become a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, train with The Klinghardt Academy, and become a certified geobiologist trained by a pioneering naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic in Austria that’s been addressing EMFs and geopathic stress since 1983.






Brian and his wife, Lindsey, built an EMF shielded tiny house in the summer of 2017. Brian travels all over the country doing EMF assessments, speaking at conferences and on podcasts, and helping families install shielding solutions. After testing many homes for EMF around the country Brian founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats.





According to Brian, EMF testing and mitigation has been stuck in the same pattern for 20-30 years. The last 10-15 years professionals all around the world have been recommending the same solutions even as our exposure has increased 500-1000 times or more. The same fabrics, the same meters, the same recommendations, and saying pretty much the same things, despite the drastic increase in exposures and chronic illness.


Here's what you'll hear in the podcast:

-The difference between a "building biologist" and an EMF shielding expert...7:00





-The protocol Brian follows when evaluating a home or office...11:00





-Living Room and Kitchen...31:45






-Boys' Bedrooms...1:09:50






-Master bedroom...1:51:45





-Smart Meter and Solar Panels...2:13:30





-Biohacking Room...2:31:15




-The Office...2:57:45




Closing Ceremony...3:30:00