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Aug 29, 2020





My guest on today's show, Lucy Mailing, PhD is a microbiome researcher, educator, and passionate scholar of integrative, evidence-based gut health. Lucy received her bachelor’s in Biology from
Kalamazoo College in 2015 and her PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois in 2019, where her graduate research focused on the impact of diet and exercise on the gut microbiota.





She has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, regularly presents at national and international conferences, and was named an Emerging Leader in Nutritional Sciences by the American Society for Nutrition in 2017. Lucy is the founder and sole author of, a website dedicated to integrative, evidence-based articles about the gut microbiome, health, and nutrition  science.




During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Lucy usually skips breakfast in the morning...6:25






-How Lucy developed her interest in the workings of the gut...9:35






-The oxygen/gut dysbiosis connection...14:35






-How to test butyrate levels and hypoxic status...21:40






-Other ways to support gut hypoxia and PPAR gamma activation...25:55






-Why the paradigm of how we view SIBO has been misguided...31:15






-Whether a ketogenic diet is good or bad for the gut...37:35




-How exercise impacts the gut microbiome...45:50





-Resistant starch and gut health...54:45





-What Lucy is excited about regarding gut health research...1:00:30





-And much more!




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