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Aug 25, 2022

Zero Acre Farms is on a mission to remove vegetable oils from the food system. Vegetable oils are the most consumed food in the world after rice and wheat, and are leading drivers of chronic disease and deforestation. At Zero Acre Farms, they make healthy oils and fats from fermentation, not cleared rainforests. Their first product, which they call Cultured Oil, has the highest level of good fats, lowest levels of bad fats, and a 90% smaller environmental footprint than vegetable oil.

I've tried the new Zero Acre Farms Culture Oil. It tastes good, cooks well, seems to have a decent smoke point, and seems to be an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to what I consider to be one of the scourges of the nutrition world: vegetable oil.

My guest on this podcast, Jeff Nobbs, is a healthy food innovator on a mission to reverse chronic disease and help fix the many problems in today’s food system. After an early career in technology, Jeff founded the healthy fast casual restaurant chain Kitava, served as COO of Perfect Keto, and co-founded food security non-profit HelpKitchen. Jeff is now co-founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, makers of Cultured Oil.

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