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Nov 10, 2022

I've had plenty of crazy biohacking experiences…

…and what I did recently with my friend Dr. Jeremy Stich is at the top of the crazy list.

A former ER physician, Dr. Stich began his healthcare journey in emergency medicine before several personal and familial health-related circumstances led him to seek alternative ways to pursue health. An outside-the-box thinker, Jeremy gained experience in precision genetics, several entrepreneurial endeavors, consulting, wellness technology, Eastern medicine training, and more. Creator of the BioEnergetic Institute and currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer for Ammortal, Inc., Jeremy's treatments are unlike any I've experimented with in the past.

Before I visited the BioEnergetic Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Jeremy sent me cryptic texts about what he was building there. When I arrived at the Institute, I walked into the main room to be greeted by Jeremy and a giant device that looked like it was off the deck of Star Trek that blasted the entire space with pulsed electromagnetic energy (I've felt those types of frequencies before with my BioCharger). 

Jeremy took me into an adjacent room with a crystal ball-like-looking device attached to magnetic foot pads. He hooked me up to the foot pads, handed me the “crystal ball,” had me don headphones and a light-blocking eye mask, put on deep meditative music, and switched the device on.

As soon as the switch was flipped on, my whole body went to a different planet. I wept and laughed in a trance-like state as the waves circulated through my entire body. After about 40 minute, my body felt like somebody had pressed the reset button on my nervous system. Listeners who pre-purchase the Ammortal Catalyst unit to ship in Q1 2023 receive a $4,400 discount off retail ($10,000 instead of $14,400). The discount is auto-applied here

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