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Dec 17, 2022

The latest "Feel Free" craze is just a bit controversial.

In a previous podcast I described why you've seen me throwing back a small blue bottle of absolutely euphoric, energizing goodness that is one of my favorite discoveries of late for energy, workouts, sex, a better mood, and more.

Inside the bottle is a tonic of plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, a unique and potent blend of the earthy and spicy tones of the ancient tropical plants kava and kratom, along with refreshing pineapple juice, coconut, and premium sweet stevia leaves.

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So what's to worry about?

Problem is, since releasing that episode and also ranking Feel Free amongst my 5 Healthy Energy Shot Recommendations, I've gotten a lot of flack because some folks have reported upset stomach, a feeling of drunkenness or dizziness, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and other problematic issues with Feel Free.

So in a recent podcast, I dove into the safety profile of the stuff, why some people genetically can't handle the kratom component, why most people are probably overdosing on the stuff and a host of other issues.

...many of the problematic issues have been solved by making a capsule version of Feel Free that has the exact 10 kava to 1 kratom ratio in the original product. Three capsules equal one serving of the tonic, which is 1/2 bottle.

My guest on today's show is the inventor of Feel Free, JW Ross.

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