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Nov 27, 2021

You may have seen me first mention Danny Nemu in my article here on "sobriety", including his writings on cannabis, drunkenness, and the use of entheogens and psychedelics found in the Bible. I even experimented recently with some of the incenses and oils Danny discusses in his lectures - potent blends also featured within the Bible and used by the Levite priests, and the results were relatively astounding. 

Danny is the author of Neuro-ApocalypseScience Revealed, and perhaps most notably, the paper “Getting high with the most high: Entheogens in the Old Testament” and a YouTube video by the same name. He is a fellow who has dug into this topic of entheogens in the Bible quite a bit, similar to Brian Muraresku in his recent book The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name and Michael Pollan in his new book This Is Your Mind On Plants.

Danny is a hypnotherapist, activist and author with an academic background in the history of medicine and 20 years experience with the Daime ayahuasca community including an 8-month cure in the Amazon battling a flesh-eating parasite.

His fundamental interest is how humans break free of their “mind-forged manacles”, and his research focuses on Drugs in the Bible, Revelation and realpolitik in Science, and the connection between Linguistics, Neurobiology and Cognition. He writes for Psypress UK, the Journal of Psychedelic Studies and Lucid News, has given talks at Breaking Convention on Biblical entheogens and neocolonialism in ayahuasca studies, and is a regular guest on podcasts including Rune Soup and Aeon Byte.

His books, Science Revealed and Neuro-Apocalypse, are out on Psypress UK, articles, talks and podcasts are collected on his website, and his inconsistent opinions are to be taken with a pinch of salt on Twitter.

Insanely detailed show notes are to be found at including links to all articles and resources mentioned, videos Danny Nemu has published and much more!

In this episode you'll discover:

-Is Moses' experience at the burning bush an example of an entheogen?...

-How the unique combinations of anointing oil described in the Bible would affect human physiology...

-Precautions prescribed in the Bible for priests entering the Holy of Holies...

-How stigma surrounding drugs in modern culture prevents Christians from having a full understanding of God's creation...

-And much more...

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