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Jun 13, 2013

June 13, 2013 Podcast: How female bodybuilders can minimize metabolic damage, how to recover faster after a marathon, how much wine can you drink without getting fat, what beer is the healthiest, is fluoride bad, what should blood glucose be during exercise, how to stop MRSA, natural remedies for grey hair, and underwater swim audio workouts.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast "sidekick".

Aja says @ 00:24:49 She is getting ready to compete in a body building competition, bikini division. The prep is pretty extreme so she wants to minimize the damage to her body. She usually likes to go the holistic route but wants to know if you think BCAAs are harmful or helpful. Are there other supplements she should be taking?

~ In my response, I tell her Aja to use liver and thyroid supplements, but you need to be very careful with the source of that dessicated liver and thymus gland. Standard Process thyroid is decent at around two tablets a day and then for liver look for Argentinian and organic. NOW Foods dessicated liver powder is good for this, at 1 rounded tablespoon per day. I also recommend the Muscle Gain Pack and supplements for low cortisol/high progesterone from the Sara Gottfried interview. Supplements for high cortisol: Omega 3 and Phosphatidylserine Supplements for low progesterone: Natural Vitamin C supplement, Saffron, Chasteberry.

Avi says @ 00:34:11 He did back to back marathons. The first one he kept his heart rate in his "recovery zone" (10 beats below his MAF). The second one he just ran "comfortably" (without a HRM). He has recovered very quickly (by Wednesday he felt like he could run again). He feels like he has recovered better from this double marathon than he has from his previous harder efforts. Why was he able to recover so quickly?

~ In my response, I recommend episode #218, about how to recover as fast as possible after a marathon.

Jenny says @ 00:41:26 How much wine do you think is healthy, safe and ok for managing weight? She weighs 120lbs and is 5'6" and would like to know how much wine is ok to have in any given week? What is a good guideline?

Rob says @ 00:48:46 He is currently drinking a "spotted cow" ale and is wondering if you, Ben, drink any sort of beer at all? He understands that it is not the greatest for you but there are a bunch of running events that have beer associated with it in one way or another. Can it be all bad?

~ In my response to Rob, I mention this NOW Foods gluten digesting enzyme.

Jose says @ 00:57:59 He has very dry knuckles, skin around his scalp and eyebrows. It comes and goes but when it comes he gets big flakes coming off his scalp, very dry skin on his hands and red blotches around his eyebrows. He heard on a podcast that the fluoride in water can be very hard on the skin. Is there anything he can do with supplementation or diet to help control this? ~ In my response, I recommend Dr. Minkoff's metal-free and also the podcast Jessa and I did on the Flouride Deception.

Kyle says @ 01:04:49 He tested his blood glucose prior to a 45 minute run and it was 88mg/dL. The average during the run was 98mg/dL. He is wondering if there is an optimal blood glucose level for running? If so, how would he go about finding his? He would like to experiment with different food and fueling at 5k to half marathon pace. Any suggestions?

Yessica says @ 01:12:56 Her daughter has MRSA and a fungal growth (due to excessive antibiotics) in her ear. She was very happy to stumble across your website with all the natural remedies. Do you have any further recommendations?

~ In my response, I reference the episode how safe are you from this creeping killer that lives in gyms.

Todd says @ 01:18:19 He is wondering, along the same lines as the very popular "hair loss" episode on the iTunes album, what would you recommend to reduce or slow down grey hair? ~ In my response, I mention Ocean's Alive phytoplankton.

Davynavy says @ 01:25:01 He has underwater headphones that he likes to use while swimming and was wondering if Ben might create some swim coaching audio?

~ In my response I mention SwimSmooth, H2o Audio - iTrain and Audio Fuel - Swim Faster. Also PEAR.

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