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Feb 19, 2014

Dr. Jack Kruse is one of those guys who truly unlocked the secrets of healing and optimizing the human machine, both inside and out.

In other episodes, Dr. Kruse has come on the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast to talk about..
-"How To Live Like A Polar Bear And Eat Like A Great White Shark"..
-"How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home"..
-"How You Can Use Cold Thermogenesis To Perform Like Lance Armstrong And Michael Phelps"..

And today, in a preview of Dr. Kruse's brand new Optimal Reset program, we delve into 9 ways to push the reset button on your body, including:

-Why Paleo diets are lacking and the foods you need to include to go a step beyond Paleo...

-What you need in your kitchen to make your kitchen optimal (including where bamboo fits in)..

-The one most important test you need to get to see if you are sensitive to leptin..

-Two practical ways to get started with cold thermogenesis today..

-What Apple knows about your cell phone that you don't..

-Why magnetic sleep pads so popular among biohackers could actually be bad for you..

-What the three most important blood tests are to ask your doctor for or get tested..

-One simple and easy way to find a doctor who will actually support your biohacks..

-Why women have so much trouble losing weight..


Resources Mentioned In This Episode


-The Optimal Reset

-Jack's free "Biohacking 101" course


-The Nori seaweed Ben wraps all his salads in

-Organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs

-Organic, grass fed meat that you can order bulk


-Bamboo cooking utensils

-Cast iron cookware

Resetting Leptin

-a "reverse T3 test"

-Install “Flux” on computer so it dims at night

-Wear Encoder wristband

-Wear blue light blocking glasses, especially for evening computer use. Recommend Gunnar.

-Install low blue light bulbs, and put blue light blocker screen on computer

-Jack's redox article

Cold Thermogenesis (CT) vest

Reducing EMF

-Use dirty electricity filters in main rooms of house (recommend Greenwave filters)

-Use airtube headset on phone (recommend “Envi airtube“)

Creating Optimal Sleep

-Reverse Osmosis filter

-Whole House Structured water filter (that Ben uses)

-The Magnetico sleep mat

-The Biomat sleep mat (sleep on or put your water on)

Blood Tests

-HS-CRP/DHEA/Vitamin D -WellnessFX testing

Finding A Doctor (for the UK)

Healing Your Hormones

- The Heal Your Hormones bootcamp -23andme genetic testing


The Optimal Reset

The Optimal Reset is a free 90 Day program with Dr. Kruse (and special guests including myself) to help you reverse disease, lose weight, clean up your diet, get in shape, heal your hormones, build your medical team and more. Speakers include:

-Dr. Bonlie on Super-Detoxing Magnetism... -Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Sports Performance... -Dave Asprey on Stress -Ameer Rosic on Sleep -Dr. Kendal Stewart from Neurobiologix on Fertility -Heather Brown from eMeals on Meal Planning -Dr. Bhavesh Patel on Path to Optimal for Busy Executives -Gretchen Bronson on The Affordable Care Act -Michael Neuert on How to Prevent EMFs in Your Home -Dr. Tim Jackson on Why We Have Trouble Losing Weight -Dr. John Sorrentino on Dentistry -Evan Brand on Our Nature Deficiency

The webinars are free for the first 24 hours of the live presentation and the entire Optimal Reset package can also be purchased to listen at your own rate. Click here to register for free for the Optimal Reset now to get the full schedule and list of special offers and bonuses..

..and leave your questions, comments and feedback about the "9 Ways to Push the Reset Button On Your Body" at!