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May 31, 2014

Meet Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson is the Philosopher & CEO of en*theos - a company that Brian describes as "creating cool stuff to help people optimize their lives".

I first met Brian two years ago through my .mp3 player - where I listened to him walk me through 100 of the greatest personal growth books - in about 20...

May 28, 2014

May 28, 2014 Podcast: How To Run A Marathon With A Knee Injury, Can Heat Make You Burn More Fat, How To Do Magnesium Baths, Stevia vs. Artificial Sweeteners, Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps, and Hidden Causes of High Blood Sugar.

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May 27, 2014

You may have been hearing a lot lately about something called "Ayahuasca".

From the movie "Wanderlust", in which Jennifer Aniston tips back a cup of ayahuasca, to bodybuilder and six-time Mr. Olympia winner Dorian Yates lauding it's benefits, it seems that this drink seems to be appearing everywhere.

But what is...

May 24, 2014

Jordan Harbinger

I used to be extremely, painfully shy.

So shy in fact, that I would literally hide in my bedroom when we had visitors to the house, and my parents were forced to coax me away from my fantasy novels to merely come out and make brief eye contact with our visitors...

...before I disappeared back into my bedroom to go...

May 21, 2014

May 21, 2014 Podcast: How To Lower Lactic Acid Burn During Exercise, Should Multivitamins Have Fish Oil, Multivitamin Timing, Can Digestive Enzymes Make You Gain Weight, How Muscle Testing Works, and How To Get Rid of Water Retention.

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