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Oct 17, 2020

Ben underwent an intensive series of tests for his heart at the Atelier Health facility in Los Angeles this past summer.

In part 1 of this episode, you'll follow the tests in real time, including the amusing banter between Ben and the docs who did the tests. Then in Part 2, Ben and Dr. Lam Dandillaya review the results...

Oct 15, 2020



My guest on today's show, Paul Risse, is not only a Christian who has a history with the use of psychedelics, but is also a husband, father, and a bit of modern Renaissance man.




He was a personal trainer on ABC's Extreme Makeover TV show in L.A., and Personal...

Oct 8, 2020





He's back!

Not only is one of my most popular guests of all time, Dr. Matt Cook back on today's show, but he is joined by the CEO of BioReset Medical, Barb Branaman, along with my wife Jessa Greenfield - both of whom put Matt and I in the hotseat with a host of questions...

Oct 3, 2020

Can those fancy vibration platforms at your health club or gym really help you burn fat or lose weight, and is there any research behind that?

Is there any significant hormonal response to whole body vibration (WBV)?

What is the effect of vibration training on cardiovascular fitness, and how would it be used for...