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Jul 27, 2019

Q&A Episode 400

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News Flashes...10:15

-Natural Giardia Remedies
-This is pretty cool… It’s why CBD can “wake you up” in the morning, but then a similar dosage at night can enhance sleep and increase Deep Sleep percentages: Read more here.
-BGF podcast w/ Ted Achacoso
The new “CBD is Toxic To The Liver” study claims are bullshit, and here's why.
The latest on weed and exercise performance - basically, it may slightly reduce anaerobic performance (e.g. power output while cycling all-out) and may also cause slightly higher inflammation (but these were only VERY slight differences). Read about it here.
-I’m personally pretty happy that alcohol is slowly getting replaced by sexy new alternatives (although I still endorse one healthy glass of wine or healthy cocktail each day, many simply can’t stop at that): Read more

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Listener Q&A:

How To Wake Up Less At Night...34:45

Mike asks: Do you have any advice on improving the restfulness metric in the Oura app? I'm doing well with deep and REM sleep, but it says "pay attention" on restfulness. Do you have any thoughts on why that might be?

In my response, I recommend:

-Podcast: The Effects Of Exercise, Carbohydrates, Saturated Fat, Protein, Fiber & Micronutrients On Sleep!
-Ooler bed cooler  (use code BEN25)
-Red light trick for iPhone
-Iris app 
-L-Theanine or a packet of Reishi with any cups of coffee after noon
-CBD (here are the three options I like): -Sleepstream
-Bose wired noise-blocking headphones
-Mindfold sleep mask
-My podcasts with Dr. Joe Zelk on sleep apnea
-24 hour Pulse Oximeter
-Genova Diagnostics GI Effects 3 day Stool Panel

The Best Way To Lower Stress During Detoxification...58:05

Kaitlin asks: I've noticed what appear to be signs of impaired or blocked elimination while under psychological and physical stress, specifically acne and PMS. If such a relationship does exist, how could one tamper the effects cortisol has on detoxification and/or support detoxification better under periods of stress?

In my response, I recommend:
-My article on breathwork
-My podcast on 32 different ways to hack the vagus nerve
-Thorne Iso-Phos
-Inner Peace
-Stephen Porges work on polyvagal theory
-Autonomic Nervous System and the Liver

Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?...1:09:30

Ben asks: So many people say that if you eat carbs alongside fat, you're going to store the fat because of the insulin response from the carbs. However, it seems pretty hard to never mix the two and a meal especially if you're doing strength training with some high intensity and you want to get those calories up. Like for example, when you posted that long article about your muscle mass gains protocol from a few months ago. There were things like extra virgin olive oil alongside tubers and things of that nature. That makes sense to me intuitively, but I was curious if I could get your take on if there's an upper limit on the amount of carbs that is safe to consume alongside fat if you are an active person.

In my response, I recommend: -Dietary patterns reflecting healthy food choices are associated with lower serum LPS activity
-Endotoxemia is modulated by quantity and quality of dietary fat in older adults.

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