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Feb 16, 2023

My guest on this podcast, Angi Fletcher, is a model, actress, blogger, triathlete, and well-known wellness and health authority.

She is also one of the incredible parents featured in my new book Boundless Parenting.

A full-time international model from the age of 18, Angi lived in Europe and New York before settling in Los Angeles. Difficult circumstances in Angi’s life - including divorce, financial ruin, the death of her parents, and debilitating anxiety and depression - eventually led her to seek health through detoxing, cleansing, and rebuilding her life.

Angi’s husband, Arlynd Fletcher, is a functional movement and biomechanics specialist. After watching his mother suffer from back injuries throughout his childhood, Arlynd developed a drive to understand how the body works and what causes dysfunction. He has worked with many experts in the field in his research and has been called a modern-day “body whisperer.”

Angi and Arlynd’s website is devoted to sharing their multi-therapeutic approach to wellness shaped by personal experiences and years of research. This approach includes mindset shifts, physical tools, income opportunities, nutrition tips, and more. Angi and Arlynd live in Texas with their three children. 

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