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Feb 26, 2014

Curious what it’s like to do a consult with Ben?

This is a 1 hour PREMIUM audio recording in which Ben Greenfield helps Nate (who gave permission for Ben to record and release this episode) with inflammation, power, shoulder injuries, anti-aging and more!

Resources mentioned during this episode:
-One-on-one consultation
-Sweetbeat HRV app
-Wireless Polar H7 heart rate monitor
-Beastie Ball
-Eating Evolved for chocolates
-Foundation exercise book
-EnergyBits for spirulina/chlorella (use 10% code and FREE shipping code BEN)
-Citicholine TianChi
-EGCG Green Tea extract
-Vitamin B complex
-DEEP30 Whey Protein
-CNS Tap Test
-Dan John
-Breathology book
-Active Release Therapy