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Mar 28, 2015

A few weeks ago, I hopped in my car and drove for an hour over to Dover, Idaho, where the Thorne Research facilities are located. While there, I embarked on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of a supplements factory, getting to witness first hand how a capsule is made - from the raw ingredients analysis to the mixing and the blending to the encapsulation process and much more.

My guide on that tour was Dr. Alan Miller, who is the executive director of medical education at Thorne, and a wealth of knowledge on exactly how supplements are made. In this podcast, I interview Alan about the entire supplement manufacturing process from start to finish, and you'll discover: -What a special machine that costs over a hundred thousand dollars actually does to a supplement... -Why employees at a supplements factory have to wear special moon-suits so their skin doesn't get eaten away... -Clear warning signs that your supplement may be tainted or have the wrong stuff in it... -Why some fish oil tastes horrible, and what you can do about it.. -The difference between arginine, L-carnitine and the other "ines"... -Why some probiotics don't even make it into your digestive tract at all... -What you can do about iron making you constipated... -How to absorb curcumin better... -And much more!

Resources and links from this episode: -My original quest to discover the ultimate multi-vitamin -The new EXOS fuel supplement line -The LabDoor website for researching supplements adverse event reporting system (FAERS)

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