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Jul 17, 2021 

Occasionally, I'm interviewed by magazines, other podcasts, authors, radio networks, etc., and occasionally, I also release those interviews with the journalist in public.

After all, whatever you say on an interview can and will be used against you right?

Just kidding.

This interview actually went quite well, and was recorded to be published in The Red Bulletin Innovator, published by the Red Bull Media House, distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland plus digitally in several other languages online (including English).

The interview with me is an 8-page-opener for a special section about biohacking, and the issue will be out in September. The interview was conducted by Andreas Breitfeld, a German biohacker and founder of the first biohacking lab in Germany, along with author Stefan Wagner.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-Is there such thing as a "perfect life"?...03:55

  • Full mind, body, spirit optimization
  • Not fully attainable due to our fallen human nature
  • Our fallibility can be a beautiful thing; keeps us humble and grounded
  • Problems spur progress
  • Most people exist in a sub-optimal state
  • Many obstacles to an optimal life humanity today we weren't exposed to before
  • Always learning new things to optimize mind, body, spirit

-What is the meaning of life?...10:35

  • The meaning life is "survival"
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Ben subscribes to a higher power, absolute truth
  • "Savor, enjoy God's creation while loving others; identify our calling and make a positive impact"
  • John Piper: "We are designed to fully glorify God by being fully satisfied in Him."

-Is your personal health the best expression of seeking meaning in your life?...16:35

  • Focusing on your own health is the opposite of seeking true meaning in life
  • Focusing on others makes your own health more gratifying
  • Take care of your health in order to serve others
  • Use biohacks in order to best serve those who depend on you
  • Put on your own oxygen mask first; but don't dwell on all the technical details, help people!

-How to find the balance between optimal health and a worthwhile life...20:40

  • Self-quantification (genetics, HRV, sleep cycles)
    • Oura Ring
    • Apollo
    • Genetic test we recommend
    • Biome test (viome?)
    • Food allergy test
    • Blood panel, micronutrient
  • Make serving others your prime focus in your life
    • Spiritual Disciplines Journal
  • Don't ignore the heart/gut impulses
  • Self-optimization with the goal of "others-optimization"

-Ben's "elevator pitch" to embrace biohacking...29:00

  • Understand what problem you want to fix before identifying which bio hack to use
  • Joovv light panels
  • Clearlight sauna
  • ReTimer glasses
  • Earthing sandals
  • Hot/cold contrast
  • The Body Electric by Robert Bekcer
  • Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant
  • Structured water
  • Use salt and minerals the right way
  • Quinton
  • Aqua True liquid minerals

-How to approach biohacks that aren't advocated by mainstream science...38:25

  • Earthing documentary
  • Book by Clint Ober
  • BGF podcast w/ Clint Ober
  • PEMF mats and pads
  • Use self-quantification to identify what is and isn't working for you
  • Many biohacks simulate what nature is already doing

-How to be a human guinea pig without harming one's self...42:20

  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Track sleep cycles and melatonin levels
  • Don't try any biohacks you don't feel comfortable doing
  • Weirdest biohacks Ben has tried:
    • Build muscle using electrical stimulation
    • Whipworms and tapeworms
  • Ensure there's ample evidence of a biohack's efficacy before using

-What will it look like when Ben is an old man?...46:40

-What to do when you're lacking motivation to fill your life's purpose...50:20

-And much more...

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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