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Feb 20, 2021

For over 20 years, Paul Chek’s unique, holistic health approach to treatment and education has transformed the lives of countless men and women through programs like the P~P~S Success Mastery Program. He is a world-renowned expert at developing practical and effective methods for addressing all aspects of well-being, both physical and mental.



Paul has been a podcast guest of mine on many previous episodes and I on his. 



In 1995, he founded the C.H.E.K Institute to accommodate an ever-growing clientele and to train and certify future CHEK Practitioners. Not surprisingly, Paul is sought after as an international presenter and consultant for successful organizations like the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has produced more than 50 videos, 6 books, and 16 advanced-level home study courses while regularly contributing to several publications and web sites, such as and Personal Training on the Net.



As a walking, talking definition of success, Paul has become above all an educator: teaching and applying his methods to benefit others through lectures, multimedia, and, most recently, in the areas of personal, professional, and spiritual development through the PPS Success Mastery Program.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Biogeometry and why Paul calls his house the "Rainbow House"...5:30




-Second sight and how we can "see" what is happening in the spiritual realm around us...15:55




-How to use biogeometry in your own home...22:05




-How paramagnetism, the sun's energy and "thought forms" were used to build the pyramids...33:35




-Tobacco, volcanic and herb blends to enhance your life...48:10




-About Paul's upcoming book...58:05




-Why simply listening is the best way to learn anything...1:05:40




-Paul's thoughts on raising young children as an older man...1:11:20




-How Paul learned the "backstory" of his two children and the impact they'll make in the world...1:15:20



-Paul's habit for digesting books and keeping track of what he learns...1:26:30



-Advice for health professionals to make a lasting and meaningful impact...1:43:30