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Dec 28, 2016

I've raced plenty of triathlons, from Sprint distance to Ironman. I've also done many, many obstacle races, including the toughest Spartan challenges in the world. And adventure races. And brutal workouts that claim to be the "hardest workout in the world". And SEALFit training, Agoge challenges, the World's Toughest Mudder and beyond. But my lungs have never sucked as much, my brain and body have never been simultaneously challenged as much and I've never experience any other form of competition so freaking functional until I started doing Train To Hunt Challenges. My guest today is a repeat guest. His name is Kenton Clairmont and he is the owner and creator of Train To Hunt, a unique mashup of bowhunting and obstacle racing that is taking the nation by storm.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The nasty autoimmune disease that took Kenton out of commission and sidelined him from a career as a professional baseball player...[12:20]

-The natural Chinese remedy alternative to common immunosuppressant drugs for issues like rheumatoid arthritis...[20:12]

-Why being fit for hunting goes far, far beyond simply needing to be able to "ruck" or hike...[22:25]

-What a sample Train To Hunt work out looks like...[38:30]

-How a typical Train To Hunt workout looks, and why something called "vagus nerve stimulation" is a huge part of each workout...[42:20]

-Why the Train To Hunt national champion's key workout is "baling hay"...[54:30]

-Why Kenton introduced the skill orienteering and GPS wayfinding into the Train To Hunt competition...[57:00]

-How the Train To Hunt "3D shoot" is far different and far more practical for hunting situations than any other style of a 3D shoot...[58:45]

-Why something called a "meat pack" is one of the hardest things Ben has ever done in his life (and why his lips turned blue after doing it)...[65:00]

-What the brand new Train To Hunt challenge course now looks like, and why it's now extremely spectator friendly...[70:10]

-How the meat pack portion of the challenge is going to change significantly in 2016...[79:00]

-And much more!

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