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Jul 18, 2015

Meet Wesley Chapman. He was abandoned at 1 by his father, then at 6 1/2 by his mother.  He tried to commit suicide 12 times before his 16th birthday. Wesley was on 25 meds a day for 10 years. His liver failed at age 16 and he was given a 20% chance to live.

But for the past 19 years, Wesley has been studying health, the brain and alternative methods to failed treatments for depression, and today, we specifically discuss the shocking link between exercise and depression. -How Wesley detoxed off 25 different medications and healed his liver... -The little-known link between your colon and your brain... -How exercise can make you depressed, even if you're not "overtrained"... -Why pharmaceutical companies have been writing Wesley angry letters... -What types of physical activity and exercise can actually make you depressed...

Resources from this episode: -"The Human Project" -Coffee enemas -Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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